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The water is warm and the waves adequate enough but it's the hedonistic excess that keeps a wildly international crowd flocking to Miami South Beach year after year. It's called the American Riviera for a reason! South Beach is a non-stop party ... morning, noon, and night. Lights from the beautiful Art Deco hotels and bars along Ocean Drive bathe the streets, sidewalks, and sand in a pleasing neon glow.


Luxury shops, boutiques, and gourmet restaurants are just a flip-flopped leap from the water. Beautiful tourists, Celebrity and locals stroll along the water's edge in next to nothing. If it's a party you're after this spring, South Beach is always ready. And the best thing about spring in Miami South Beach? The weather ... not too hot, not too cold, it's just right!


Down in the streets, the smells and sounds of Miami may recall the delicatessens and supper clubs of New York and New Jersey, strong Cuban coffee and cigars, and perhaps the exotic beat o Haitian chants. This is the place where the sun spends the winter, a subtropical haven that never seen the snow. Even in January, the coolest month, thermometer average around 74° Fahrenheit, while the trade winds temper the summer highs. Need to know more? Sure go ahead and read the full article!