Barton G: The essence of SoBe.

What our Guests say: 1) Nice place, with good service. I always prefer outdoor seating, this place has a nice patio. Unfortunately the food quality takes a backseat to the intricate dish decor.

2) Nice place but I digested 2 days after. Too expensive for all that butter..

3) More of a great experience than great food. Definitely something to see. As for the complaints of price, you get what you pay for.

4) Fancy presentation, friendly service, nice night.

5) All the courses are for 3 people !!! I had a lobster tail of 2,7 kg (really a lobster caled ALIEN III) !
Overpriced but we had a great service.

6) Worst Ever. Very Las Vegas. Just Awful. Swordfish Served On A Sword!! Popcorn Shrimp On Real Popcorn. Funny For A Minute, And Very Nice Garden But Loud 80s Soundtrack. Never Again.

7) Great presentation, food has improved exponentially over the years.
Raymond is the go-to guy! tell him i sent you!

8) Tasty food, great presentation… try the BG Sea Monster! Great presentation, awful food.

9) Great desserts. Your best bet is to get an appetizer and go straight for dessert- the main courses aren’t that good. The essence of south beach dining. Great food, but its definitely overpriced. However, the presentation makes it all worthwhile.

10) I used to go here and the food was great half the time and average the other half of the time. The service is always awful.

11) Fun Food, Fun room, but unbelievably overpriced for what it is…..The host is also very rude.

12) Great food and drinks. The desserts are to die for. Try the Coconut Cake with hot fudge!

13) You are missing the fun! It’s called Disneyland by the way… Barton G it’s fun!

14) Am I missing something? That was the worst restaurant i have ever been to – are we at Walt Disney?

15) Great presentation, nice ambience, nice people, good to see and be seen.

16) Great presentation, great food and fun drinks.

17) Nice food, really artistic.

18) Very good food, but make sure you are outside beween October and April!

19) Really nice outdoor seating area…

20) If you are looking an Hotel near Barton G, we suggest the 5 Star Hotel Mondrian and the 4 Star Standard Hotel in South Beach.

Barton G
1427 West Avenue
Miami Beach – Behind the Flamingo Park

Phone: Phone: (305) 672-8881

Please note that Barton G, is now the new owner of the former Hotel Casa Casuarina (Versace’s Villa) in Ocean Drive, one of the most magnificent Hotel in Miami., like no other.

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