Top 10 Chic Miami Restaurants

Under the moonlit sky, Osteria Del Teatro's neon glow beckons lovers of romance and fine dining alike
Under moonlight, Osteria Del Teatro’s neon glow beckons lovers of fine dining – ©viaval

Guest Testimonials: Hear It From Them

1) Joe’s Stone Crab
The OG of crab joints, with claws so fresh, you’ll want to give them a high-five. It’s more than a meal; it’s a Miami ritual.

“Hit up Miami and stumbled upon this gem for a family dinner. The stone crab? Unreal. Went all out with a Jumbo and a Large. Every bite of the seafood felt like it just waved goodbye to the ocean. And the key lime pie? Chef’s kiss. A must for living your best day in Miami.”

Where? 11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach
Buzz: (305) 673-0365

2) Osteria Del Teatro
An Italian affair where every dish tells a story, and the pasta is as rich as the history. A culinary sonnet under the Miami moon.

“They’ve relocated to North Bay Village, but the magic’s still alive! Service is on point, and the flavors? Just as mouthwateringly authentic as ever. It’s that rare find you’re tempted to keep secret because it’s such a treasure, yet it’s too good not to share. Perfect spot for anyone – whether you’re flying solo, out with the family, colleagues, or on a date.”

Where? 1666 79th Street Causeway Suite 102, North Bay Village
Buzz: (305) 538-7850

3) Grails Miami
In Wynwood’s sneaker-centric sports bar, where the vibe is as lively as the crowd, you might catch Maluma, Bad Bunny, or Pitbull enjoying the game with a cocktail in hand.

“Grails, a gem nestled in the vibrant Wynwood scene, exceeded expectations far beyond its buzz. Missing the DJ we hoped to hear didn’t dim the experience, thanks to the astonishingly good eats. Tip: Clean hands are a must to dive into their irresistible menu. The team? Nothing short of stellar, making us feel right at home with their swift and warm service”

Where? 2800 N Miami Ave, Miami
Buzz: (786) 870-4313

4) Ogawa Miami
Ogawa, nestled in Little River, transports you straight to Osaka with its authentic Japanese omakase experience. Crafted by Alvaro Perez-Miranda and sushi maestro Masayuki Komatsu, this 11-seat spot offers an intimate dive into delicacies like baby sea bream and buttery otoro, curated daily from Tokyo’s Toyosu market.

“Searching for authentic Japanese cuisine in a landscape often crowded with embellished interpretations, I found Ogawa—a haven of true flavors. Beyond its culinary authenticity, the restaurant’s serene, thoughtfully designed space offers a slice of tranquility. An undeniable must-visit”

Where? 7223 NW Second Ave., Miami Beach

5) Prime 112
Not just a steakhouse, it’s a scene. Where the steaks are as juicy as the gossip and the wine flows like the ocean. A place to see and be seen.

“Diving into steakhouse bliss nestled in a swanky hotel. The vibe? Intimately lit to perfection, crafting those cozy feels. Our server? An absolute legend, guiding us through a culinary journey with spot-on steak recs and the legendary fried Oreos – trust, they’re a game changer. Every bite of steak hit that ‘just right’ note.”

Where? 112 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach
Buzz: (305) 532-8112

An elegant dinner at Casa Casuarina, lit by twinkling lights and graced by the stylish elite

6) Barton G.
A culinary cabaret, where every dish is a showstopper. If you’re craving drama on your plate, it’s showtime here.

“Just had an INCREDIBLE night out! This place really knows how to make dining an experience – they’re pairing props with dishes, and yeah, you heard that right, PROPS! Take their Popcorn Shrimp, for example. Absolutely mind-blowing and the name? Spot on. Pure GENIUS.”

Where? 1427 West Ave, Miami Beach
Buzz: (305) 672-8881

7) China Grill: (closed)
Now just a legend, China Grill’s legacy of fusion flair lives on in Miami’s endless culinary adventure.
We’re thrilled to announce that China Grill, will be returning to Miami in 2024/2025. A carefully. When is it opening?!

8) Nobu
Where sushi meets celebrity chic. Nobu serves up a fusion frenzy that’s as stylish as its clientele.

“Absolutely stellar dining experience! The cod and beef tenderloin were simply divine, melting away with each bite. And the cocktails? A masterpiece of flavors, unique yet perfectly balanced, hitting just the right taste notes. It was a symphony of culinary excellence. Dining here, I finally grasped the true essence of food as an art form.”

Where? 4525 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
Buzz: (305) 695-3232

9) Cecconi’s Miami
At Cecconi’s Miami in Soho Beach House, the ambiance struck a stunning balance between elegance and ease, complemented by staff who mastered the art of warm welcomes and top-notch service.

“Lovely atmosphere paired with tasty cuisine, securing a spot can be a challenge, yet the lunchtime vibe is unbeatable. From pizzas and pastas to well-marked vegan dishes, it’s a delightful mid to upscale venue catering to diverse palates.”

Where? 4385 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
Buzz: (786) 507-7902

10) Casa Casuarina
Dine like fashion royalty in the opulent halls of the Versace Mansion, where every meal feels like a gala.

“Stunning! From the breathtaking views to the vibrant atmosphere and the fantastic staff, everything was absolutely lovely.”

Where? 1116 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach
Buzz: (786) 485-2200

Try also:
The Forge
Sushi Samba
Capital Grille
La Dorada (best paella)
Il Gabbiano
Casa Tua
Chocolate Fashion in Coral Gables
Shorty’s BBQ in the financial district of Kendall..not the fanciest place, but great ribs and baked beans
Whisk in Coral Gables is a tiny place near Merrick Park that is great..the menu changes.

Brunch list in Miami Beach:

Sundays, Nemo on Collins Avenue and First Street in South Beach offer the best brunch.
Balanz on Lincoln Road (between Michigan and Lenox) offers a decent British-style breakfast with great people watching every day, weekends especially.

If you want to explode from too much food and too high a tab, do the brunch at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

Perricone’s in Brickell
UVA 69 on Biscayne and 69th Street
The Ritz Miami Beach has the best brunch.

Some doubts regarding Brunch at Balanz, and the Biltmore unless ur extremely hungry I think it is overrated, and not worth the price or service, it is a must-do ONCE just because if you have lived in Miami u should experience it but the food is nothing out of this world.

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