Nobu, the best Japanese food

What our Guests say:

1) The best Japanese food in the WORLD!!!

2) The interior is very disappointing, but the food is just great!!!!
Jed, who works there, was very nice 🙂

3) ROCK SHRIMP!!! I was in the bahamas this weekend and has them in the atlantis nobu…i love them!

4) Great sake menu


6) Better fish in Sushi Samba by far!

7) Very expensive ($2700 for 7 people) for what it only was. Other Nobu locations are defenitely better and the service is less snobby than in Miami. food ok though

8) Worse nobu ever

9) Fantastic, as Nobu restaurants always are…


10) Classical Nobu’s treats. Nothing extravagant but still quality keeps Nobus standards.

11) Sushi are okay, nothing exceptionnal in this place

12) I love nobu, this one was great!
the walls in the main room seemed a bit off though (texture wise), but other than that it was a good night out

13) Stephan makes the best Snow Queen martini in the world!

14) Great sushi, excellent yellowtail jalepeno, rock shrimp, and beef new style. Beautiful but very busy, be prepared to wait a bit, but worth the wait.

15) Expensive … for the right reason: you can’t eat better Sushi!

16) Best ever……………….lobster salad , black cod , yellowtail jalapeno and the best toro in the world…….

17) @ miami ITS A MUST!

18) Very expensive but worth every cent. Its always packed though…and the bad thing is the won’t reserve tables unless you are bringing a big party.


19) I didn’t find it that geat… its just the name that make it famous….But worth the experience.

20) Ambiance/People watching is some of the greatest in Sobe. Food is consistent perfection.

21) Miami’s nobu will never be as matsuhisa… horrible place

22) You can’t dance salsa or enjoy drag shows but if you get invited to, go there, you will find very interesting exhibition of flora & fauna.

23) Great Food, great ambient.Enjoy !!

24) My favourite Nobu, and certainly the best restaurant by faaaaaaar for food and ambiance in Miami

25) Best Nobu, for me the Toro and the Tereyaki are great! The new style sashimi is delicious, very good! Best girls in Miami for ambience

26) I am a Nobu Junkie, and it is not up to London standard by far, but than again niether is New York. But it is good.


27) I guess every Nobu is to c and be seen. Go there, spend some money and have the best ambiance and girls around. Black cod and Shrimp a must (and I am jewish!)

28) Good, but I still do not understand what is all the big deal about this restaurant! Other Nobu’s are much better. People eating here just love to show off..

29) Dont forget to ask some Toro.

30) Quite cheap to be a Nobu, excellent food and service

31) Very expensive and very amazing–rock shrimp and black cod dishes are the must haves.

Nobu Japanese Restaurant
1901 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach

Phone: (305).695.3232, like no other.

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