Restaurants and Lounge Bar Guide

Something that is always present in South Beach are food and music.

The main streets are Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Lincoln Road and Espanola Way. In Ocean Drive one will usually eat fish, in restaurants fronting the street. However, the trendiest and fanciest restaurants are found in Collins Avenue.

They don’t have an outside view, so their strong points are more in the design, preciousness and dish style departments.

Espanola Way and Lincoln Road are the most romantic streets.

You can find famous Italian Restaurants in these streets. Off-limits for cars and full of people, you’ll dine by candle light, breath inside a magic, light atmosphere, made up of a thousand colours and lights.

There is music, table chatter, which means a lot of ways of socializing. Everybody feels like they’re on holiday in SoBe and they are much more inclined to smiling and chatting.

Meeting people is quite easy.

Lincoln Road is also known as a meeting point for the various gay communities. It is therefore very easy to find same-sex couples sitting at a table. We suggest a fancy dress code to women in this area, with high heels, uncovered shoulders, chiffon and silk.

During the winter, a small sweater on the shoulder will protect you from the humidity.

In the other streets, with the exception of some restaurants in Collins Avenue, a more casual dress code is allowed. However, all women in Miami Beach like to dress quite fancy.

Fashion is present all over the streets, which means high heels, uncovered backs and bellies, tight clothes with soft fabrics. Women at night usually choose to wear colour-coded purses, shoes and dress.

Cavalli low jeans and skirts are very popular. Gucci and Versace have a big presence in South Beach, especially skirts and shorts. In order to find the perfect boutique, we advise You to read our Shopping page.

SoBe is always very patrolled by police forces.

However, we advise women not to wear very visible jewelry. After 2 am, please be careful when walking around. We suggest you have your Restaurant call you a taxi. Miami Beach is usually a safe area.

We suggest you to book always your restaurant.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are days where you’ll have to stay in line if you do not book.

Please read our Restaurant pages, which talk about cuisine types and atmosphere/setting, so that you’ll have a clearer and more objective point of view., like no other.

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