The Best Romantic Hotels

Every year for our anniversary, my husband and I return to continue our honeymoon at one of the best Romantic Hotels in Miami Beach. We stay at a different hotel every year. If you are looking for romance these are our favorites.

1) The Villa Casuarina

We were married at Versace Mansion (now converted on a luxury hotel) in the evening beside the mosaic pool, and I can’t think of a more glamorous setting for a traditional wedding. The entire hotel gives the feeling of old world European charm.

This is totally natural given the fact that “Versace Mansion” it has been for long time the Miami Home of one of the most talented designer in the world: Gianni Versace. At the time of my wedding it was call Casa Casuarina after the dead of the Italian designer. I know that after being passed to another property, losing most of the old allure, is come back with a new re-launch a few time ago and I am excited to be back.

What I know for sure is that the rooms, the design and details are again the ones who Gianni Versace created for his loved Miami home. The guest rooms are the ultimate in luxury. I remember we had a room with a double king sized bed, which is the perfect place for newlyweds with romance on their minds.

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2) Setai Hotel

setai-miami-beachThe Setai Hotel on Miami Beach certainly makes a dramatic statement with a forty story aquamarine glass tower. The interior was dark, Indonesian style with the only relief being the polished teak. Though it was very elegant, the dark atmosphere was not really my style.

The service, however, was excellent; the food in the dining room was very elegant and tasty. I particularly loved the spa treatments. We both had enjoyed watching the sunrise on the beach – that’s one of the reasons we list this hotel inside the Best Romantic Hotels in Miami Beach – and couldn’t resist a few rounds on the golf course!

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3) Viceroy Hotel Miami

Viceroy Hotel Miami is in downtown Miami close to the financial district. While it isn’t really close to the beach, it seems secluded because it doesn’t attract the tourist crowd.

The pool deck on the fifteenth floor covers a full two acres. The spa and wellness center are wonderful and designed by world famous Philippe Starck.

The restaurant on the fiftieth floor has its own pool. This hotel is massive, the service is impeccable, and elegance everywhere you look. We loved our stay in this hotel. I found I didn’t miss the beach, there was so much to do, and so close to all the great downtown Miami shopping.

I went home with a few more items than I had when we arrived.

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4) Eden Roc

The amazing view from Eden Roc Miami Beach!The position number 4 is reserved for this beautiful-people hotels originally designed by the farsighted architect, Morris Lapidus in 1955, this world renowned hotel which sits right in front of the ocean had remodeling of the existing rooms in the original tower, as well as an addition of a whopping four infinity pools with beautiful waterfall from where you can attend the sunset living a magical atmosphere.

When announced about its transformation, everyone who is important, such as George Clooney, Naomi, Madonna and Steven Spielberg a long with a list of other celebrities and royalties were all ready to book and wait for its launch, and this proves the historical power of the Eden Roc compared to other modern hotels in Miami Beach. The only cons aspect is that is located at the north on Miami Beach and we suggest to rent a car to move from the hotel until the south of the beach where usually nightlife is at the center of everything. This apart, it is absolutely one of the best romantic hotels in Miami Beach.

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5) Acqualina Resort

Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach is one of the best hotels we have ever visited. I could have stayed in the spa forever. The therapists are so skilled at a variety of different treatments and after staying at the spa for several hours I felt like I had never had a stressful day in my life.
But, the Atlantic Ocean
sparkled like a massive jewel in the sunlight that Florida is famous for and beckoned us to try our hand a jet skiing, kayaking, and fishing. Of course we had to play a few rounds of golf.

The Acqualina has marine-biology based Aqua Marine children’s program. I’m a kid at heart and couldn’t miss this adventure. It was totally amazing! You should have seen the size of the starfish! If you have kids, you should definitely bring them here for your next vacation.

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Our flight to Miami is boarding now, and I hope that I’ve given you some inspiration for your anniversary honeymoon and don’t forget to have a dinner in the romantic Espanola Way. As you can see, there are good tips for the best romantic hotels in Miami Beach!

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