Best Buys in Miami.

Active sportswear. American manufacturers lead the field when it comes to aerobic clothing and track suits, the uniform of the 80s. The fanciful golf and tennis gear is guaranteed to change your image, if not your game. In South Beach – in Collins Avenue – you can find a small Nike Town at walking distance from the White Law Hotel.

Children’s clothing.
Dress your child American-style in miniature track suits, sturdy overalls and denims. Most of the stores for these articles you can find in the Bayside Market Place in Downtown Miami non too far from the Epic Hotel.

Hand-rolled Havanas made in Miami are the authentic Cuban article. In some case, if you look around the Little Havana district – only during the day please – it’s not too much difficult to find original Cuban hand-rolled Havanas.

Citrus fruit.
Send yourself a crate of Florida oranges or grapefruit. Miami fruit shippers (including several concerns at the airport) air-freight fruit all over the U. S. and around the world.

Cosmetics and toiletries.
Sun preparations include a sophisticated range of tanning lotions and some esoteric blocking ointments and creams for complete protection from ultra-violet rays. Locally made beauty products incorporate rejuvenating papaya enzymes and the healing sap of the aloe plant.

You can choose from an array of Japanese- and American-made cameras, computers, radios and other goods. The prices are as interesting as the competition is keen. As we told in some precedent article, if you are not US resident, be sure to check if the computer or some other electronic product use a right voltage for your country. Take care also to the model.

Sometime, computers are out of production or are not distributed in your country. That’s means: no assistance or guarantees. If you decide to buy a one, don’t bring with you at the flight return the packaging or you probably will must to pay tax at your arrive. The best thing you can do, is to buy some electronic equipement made from a international company.

In this way, you probably will finds assistance in easy way.

The best street to buy electronics is Flager Street in Downtown Miami, just in front of the Intercontinental Hotel.

Carry home the taste of the tropics in the form of Florida coconut patties, chocolate-covered citrus peel and orange-blossom honey. Stock up on enough Cuban coffee to last until your next trip-vacuum-packed in tins and lightweight plastic packets.

You’ll find a variety of handy implements, from serrated grapefruit knives to a special plastic straw that allows you to drink juice direct from the orange.

Indian handicraft.
Miccosukee craftswomen fashion traditional patchwork garments, beaded necklaces and palmetto fibre dolls, all available at the village in Tamiami Trail.

Look for adornments of shell, glass and semi- precious stones–or the narrow gold bangle bracelets Cuban women favour.

Designer collections for the bed and bath combine ease of care with original styling.

Resort clothing.
American designers pioneered the casual look and they still do it better than anyone else. Be as traditional or as trendy as you like in tropical whites, pastel linens and bright cottons. Some of the most famous American stylists produce inexpensive lines with designer flair, including Halston, Calvin Klein and others. f you are a fan of Italian or France designers, we don’t suggest to buy in Miami even if you can find stores in Adventura Mall, Coconut Walk and Bal Harbour.

Usually the important firm offer in USA a specific collection made for US citizien that are very different of what you can find in Paris, Milano or London. It’s much better look around to find some boutique who offers some important firms because usually they buy directly from Italy or France. You can find some of this stores in Ocean Drive – near the Colony Hotel – or in Collins Avenue after the White Law Hotel. We inform that prices are not really cheap.

Imports from Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere in South America are reasonably priced. Different stores are in Lincoln Road.

They run the gamut from magnetic sea- shells and driftwood lamp stands to plastic alligators -take your pick. Good idea is to take a look around Espanola Way market. There are a lots of small distributor with original things.

Miami lives at the beach of course. The range of sizes and styles is almost infinite. We strongly suggest to buy this article in Miami.

Western gear.
From hats, boots and bandanas to silver studded belts, Miami outfitters supply both Dade County dudes and urban cowboys.

Hotels in Miami

Shopping in Miami, like no other.

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