Carpaccio Miami Beach

Comments and Advices from our Guests: 1) Very good food and price. Perfect to relax and joing a good wine while the girls buy a loy.

2) Good place to sit and relax in between shopping.

3) Saturday afternoon is great!!!
Good food and friendly service.

4) The food is not so good!

5) LOVE IT!!! Used to go 3to4 times a week. Some plates are delicious some are just ok. the wine list is not big but you can find some very interesting italian wines. Not to mention that one of the owners is Greek !!

6) Nice place to have lunch on a Sat or Sunday afternoon, average food, see and bee seen indeed.

7) Food quite mediocre.

8) Great service and good food. Good pricing.

10) Horrible service, ok food!

11) Best place to see and be seen on a saturday afternoon, two thumbs up !!

12) OK food, fast service, ok prices!

13) See and be seen.

14) The food is very regular!, like no other.

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