Chic Hotel in Miami for New Year?

What our Guests say: 1) Delano has a nice lobby and pool area but the rooms (with tiny windows) and the building are crap.  The pool is also known for the rowdy behaviour of some of its guests.

2) The Mondrian has nice views, but the plastic all over the place makes you feel like “a barbie doll in a plastic world”. It is OK for a day but it gets to you on the second day. Also it doesn’t have a beach and you must pay to use its sister hotel’s beaches (Delano and hore Club).

3) Setai is the most beautiful hotel in South Beach with one of the best restaurants in the area.
I haven’t been at the W but I have heard good things about it.


4) Delano or Setai.

5) Delano, Setai, Modrian….

6) For something different try The Hotel.

7) W or Mondrian in South Beach.

8) Try the Gansevoort – very well priced for what it is have fun

9) Delano’s I will be there too but it is extremely expensive …

10) I have stayed at the Delano a few times before. Has anyone tried the new W Hotel in Southbeach?

11) Delano has a nice lobby and pool area but the rooms (with tiny windows) and the building are crap.

12) Have to agree. Everybody knows that if a “Delano” opened virtually anywhere else in the world, it would close in a month.

13) W or Mondrian in South Beach. Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. Icon Viceroy in Brickell or Epic Downtown. These are your best bets: not overrated, and not inexplicably priced.

14) Shore Club or the Victor – always a good time. I’m heading down again this December 1 to 4 for Art Basel Miami. Enjoy ladies!


Hotels in Miami Beach perfect for young people:

1) The W or the Mondrian

2) W, Mondrian or Gansevoort..

3) Viceroy on Brickell (Eclectically chic),
W in South Beach (Dark and sensual),
Mondrian in South Beach (Alice in Wondelandesque).

4) Top: W in miami beach
Top value: Epic downtown or Townhouse in Miami Beach

5) Casa Casuarina!!!
was the Versace’s home….fantastic experience!!!

6) Delano is tooo old now….Setai is the way to go.

7) Mondrian hands down!

8) The “W” is clearly the new hot spot. The night club there called the “wall” it is the hottest thing going on now. The new Mr. Chows restaurant is the hot spot for dining and the building is new construction only open for a few months and large well designed rooms.

9) The W or Setai. I will be there for Art Basel Dec 3!! =)

10) Keep an eye out on for deals in Miami too.

11) Shore Cub Miami

12) Mondrian is a great location!

13) If you must go to Miami and are not a child or a chav stay at the Standard. Away from the riff-raff and because of its location and adult only policy it feels like a tropical island with a superb deck and pool.

14) The W and Gansevoort are technically Mid-beach and not South Beach (not far from SoBe at all but not necessarily in the thick of things). The Fontainebleau is pretty far from all of it but it certainly has that celebrity vibe, and I can imagine it will be packed for New Years. If you want to try something not on the beach, the Mandarin Oriental is fabulous, and their restaurant, Azul, is amazing. New York Times recently did a review of The Viceroy and it sounds awesome.

15) You could also try Angler’s, which is a block off the beach on South Beach and a super cute boutique hotel. Or, if you just want to do the whole SoBe thing, do the Delano, even if the rooms are the small.

16) Setai is the Nicest place with the BEST location!!

17) Delano or The Shore Club.


18) Shore club !
It’s perfect for young people …I was there in August, had a great time :)

19) I love the Shore Club, have stayed there quite a few times.

20) Shore Club! Not Intel-, but Nobu inside !

21) The BETSY is fantastic ambiance and service to kill if ur looking for a small boutique hotel close to the beach and all the action…

22) Gansevoort and W are new and relatively good. If you are looking for great service…Setai. Local’s Choice = The Standard. Nice hotels downtown, but the commute to the beach is not worth it.

23) I say Gansevoort all the way. Great rooftop pool, day & night, with a happening vibe.
But Shoreclub has the best Sunday pool party.

24) Besides Setai, Shore Club, Victor, Mondrian, the FONTAINEBLEAU is another great idea, GREAT BAR, TRENDY,CHIC ,

25) Setai is the best!

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