Fisher Island? Sure but..


What our Guests say:

1) Peaceful place for someone who wants to relax for busy week. For younger generation more entertainments are needed.

2) Beach Club Hotel Fisher Island best place on the island. Can get some powerful connections.

3) Miami’s hideaway for relaxation and peace… yet so close to south beach!

4) Great place to realx but after a few days you’ll get bored!!!!

5) How can you live without it……… ?

6) Solid, Practical, Luxurious, but boring. In oder to have a true wasp experience go in every other place on Highway 1 – Key Largo to Key West.

7) It has a great Spa that has all day ongoing activities. The beach club and the tiki bar are good places in the afternoons. Yet, for night life you need to escape to South Beach. It is the perfect place to relax.

8) Like Wonderland for adults!

9) We have owned a home there on the Oceanside Drive side since 1992 and I would say hands down it is the best and most well run place in the world.

10) Fisher Island is a wonderful place, consisted of people of high-society. It is a peaceful and relaxing place. I love the SPA and if anyone passes by come to apt on Ocenaside View.

11)  I swear by Fisher Island when i’m in Miami…my family has a place there and its always been the perfect getaway, like no other.

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