Friday Spot in Miami Beach?

Comments and advices from our Guests:For pre drinks go to the Setai (photo above) or Mondrian.

Then if you want to go clubbing SET or LIV, completely different ambiance.
LIV is huge if ur at a table the service is amazing , SET even with a table its a smaller club the music is the best but its often very crowded and even with a table ur bumping into people all night.

In my opinion SET is a nicer club with a better crowd, but Fontainebleau’s LIV (photo below) is always fun depending on the mood ur in…


Delano was very good on that night one week ago 🙂

Mondarin Hotel is the best new spot for friday night…believe me!!!
Delano is Tuesday night ,not Friday..

Mondrian is really good on Fridays, the site of South Beach.

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