Hotel Booking Tips in Miami?

The basic rule of thumb in the Hotel Industry is as follows... YIELD …a) You have a fixed amount of inventory…. 100 rooms or 20 no worries that is all you can have as the hotel ONLY has that many rooms.

b) The demand fluctuations impact the price…any of those hotels if they DO still have an UNSOLD room will unfortunately sell it at the highest possible rate as demand exeeds supply plain and simple…so…to get a good room rate (insider tips)

So, when you call:

You don’t just need one or two or three nights…you may need 5 or 6
They will take YOU over someone who only needs one or two nights

Ask about their no show cut off date..for example any hotelier worth their weight will have set a limit…a booking made for the room can still be cancelled without paying a penalty…normally the cutoff date is same day as arrival by 6pm…but when a City has an event in Town they know that many will book then cancel so to insure they don’t get hung with empty room will have a 48 hour cancellation deadline…and if the poor sod who does cancel cancels in less than 48 hours he pays two nights full rate

So you will probably find that the no penalty cancellation deadline in SOBE is 72 hours or even 7 days before the event in question …ask if you can get on the waiting list as the date approaches there WILL be cancellations in time to avoid penalty and they will then sell THOSE rooms to the people on the waiting list!

Try it!

Then once you have booked your 5 or 7 nights… you may change the booking for only the two or three you need (as long as you do it within the cancellation period)….do it later though…don’t be too obvious!, South Beach, like no other.

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