Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Miami.

What our Guests say: 1) My favourite place in this city, and great food and views.

2) Try the Biscayne Suite…it is just wonderful with an absolutely amazing view, very private. Food is great, liked the little cozy beach.

3) Love it…had there my first fashion show in USA…elegant and charming…as everyone said probably not recommended to those looking for south beach atmosphere.

4) Magnificent, and well run …. no attitude either (Very Un-South Beach).

5) Far away from everything except financial district…hotel is super, large rooms, great view, excellent service!!!

6) Really far from everything. Very nice hotel but impersonal.

7) Loved it. The staff were friendly and everyone was helpful. Far away from all the good places though.


8) I found it very impersonal, almost like a [very luxurious, granted] airport hotel, and too far from anything of interest to me.

9) Just brilliant.


10) There are better hotels, but this one is still worth a visit.
Within 15 minutes of any place worth going to. Impeccable service, and great spa.

11) Impeccable service.

12) Great place ever.

13) Rent a car, if you know the area. It is on the water; Crandon Beach is just over the bridge to Key Biscayne; minutes to South Beach and Coconut Grove. Nice martini bar, great food, amazing spa!Cafe Sambal is a nice place to eat, even if you are not staying at the hotel.

14) Too business and yoo far from the sea, but very sophisticated and nice large room.

15) Same thing, way to far from everything, but great food, nice little beach and good service and the spa is the best!

16) Great place to stay… Far from Miami Beach and all good places to go out but yeah, get a driver and you’ll be anywhere in 15 minutes or less.

17) So what get a driver and who wants to be in the middle of South Beach anyway !


18) The hotel is amazing, really good, but is far away from anything…

19) Great hotel but you have to like to walk.

20) Too far away from everything.
We suggest to have a car. The view is very enchanting. The private beach very very cool and there is a super swimming pool… very incredible. With a car you can be in the middle of SoBe in 15 minutes.

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