Legenda: Where to Stay?

Hotels in Ocean Drive? The heart of Miami Beach!

Hotels in Ocean Drive? The heart of Miami Beach!


The Heart of Miami Beach!
Choose this area if you are a nightlife fan or you really like to be in the middle of the crowd. Very exciting! Everything in Ocean Drive from the 5th to the 15th street is open almost 24 hours a day. You are in front of the Ocean, with a thousand people walking into the street. You have the beach in front of you and in a couple of blocks, you can reach the clubs in Washington Avenue for a sparkling night or the romantic Lincoln Road for a passion dinner! If you prefer a quiet area choose a Hotel from the 1st to the 5th street.

Stay in Ocean Drive if you really love the sparkling atmosphere.


  • Emotional Area
  • Crazy people all the time
  • Historical Hotels: Avalon, Clevelander, Pelican, Victor
  • Shopping, Restaurants (not the best), and Nightlife
  • Easy access to the beach
  • Feel really good
  • You don’t need to have a car: you can simply walk or rent a bike


  • Noisy area
  • Few real Luxury Hotels (they are in Collins)
  • Parking is really a nightmare. Valet service is available.
1 – The Betsy | 5 Stars | Romantic

2 – Pelican | 4 Stars | Innovative

3 – Victor South Beach | 4 Stars | Chic

1 – Clevelander | 3 Stars | Crazy

2 – Sense Beach Hotel | 3 Stars | Cool

3 – Lord Balfour | 4 Stars | Romantic

1 – Ocean Drive Casa Grande Suites | Condo Hotel | Cool

2 – Ocean Drive Suites | Suites | Art Deco Style

It's always a party at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach!

It’s always a party at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach!


Collins Avenue is the main street in Miami Beach. You can start from South Beach and continue to go ahead until Bal Harbour in the north of Beach. In this avenue, you can find some of the most historical Luxury Hotels and important Condos in Miami Beach. They are usually placed looking the ocean between the 16th to the 41th street with private beach, immense pools with parties all the time and Spas. Please note that in this part of Miami Beach – on the other side of the street – you can find some cheap hotels also – something like a bedroom – we suggest only if you are on a very small budget. Finally, in the south part of the street, between the 5th to the 15th street there are some fashionable Hotels usually frequented by young people. You are not in front of the ocean but behind Ocean Drive. With few steps, you will have the beach, restaurants, and clubs on Washington Avenue. Price is interesting always.

Stay in Collins Avenue if you prefer a quiet area or if you love the luxury life or – in the south part of the street – if you are looking to save some bucks near the heart of Miami Beach.


  • Luxury and Fashionable Hotels with pool party
  • Its’ a quiet street to stay (from the 15th street)
  • Iconic Luxury Hotels: Delano, Setai, National, Fontainebleau
  • Some famous brands and good restaurants are on this street
  • Private Beach is always included in the Luxury Hotels
  • A car is suggested if you want to move easily


  • It’s a little “cold as atmosphere” respect to Ocean Drive
  • Without car require walking a lot
  • Some Luxury Hotels are a little old
1 – The Setai | 5 Stars | Amazing

2 – Delano | 5 Stars | Fashionable

3 – W South Beach | 5 Stars | Fashionable

1 – The Hotel of South Beach | 3 Stars | Historical

2 – Z Ocean | 3 Stars | Cool

3 – Dream South Beach | 4 Stars | Romantic

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