Coconut Groove in Miami.

This colorful neighborhood has a style all its own. While retaining some of the history of its original community.

Coconut Grove combines sophistication and fun into one unique area.

From its one-of-a-kind boutiques and elegant shopping malls to the lively outdoor cafes and international restaurants, you’ll always have a place to go.

Set against a beautiful subtropical backdrop of banyan trees, vivid bougainvillea and palm trees, it’s a village filled with things to see and do.

Historical sites to visit include the Barnacle State Historic Site (305-448-9445.3485 Main Highway), the bayside home of Commodore Ralph Middleton Monroe. one of the early settlers of Coconut Grove.

The moonlight events are a special treat; call for a schedule.

Coconut Grove Nightlife Hotels - Miami

The Coconut Grove Playhouse (305-442-4000. 3500 Main Highway) is a Rococo-style, former movie theater now home to top-flight, theater productions.

Plymouth Congregational Church, (305- 444-6521, 3400 Devon Road, just off Main Highway) is a picturesque coral rock building.

For some natural beauty by the bay, walk through Peacock Park (2820 McFarlane Road).

Shopping is part of the fun in Coconut Grove.

Cocowalk in Coconut Grove

Visit the many boutiques along Main Highway and the side streets; then spend time at CocoWalk, strongly suggested, (305-444-0777, 3015 Grand Avenue), the lively open-air shopping and entertainment center. It’s a very romantic place.

Stop by The Streets of Mayfair (305-448-1700, 2911 Grand Avenue) where you’ll find good shopping, good restaurants, and good laughs at The lmprov Comedy Club & Cafe (305-441-8200, 3rd floor).

“The Grove” has sidewalk cafes, theme restaurants, ethnic eateries, and fine dining.

On Friday and Saturday nights, young and old fill the streets and nightspots, creating a frenetic energy level that is purely The Grove.

If you have a car, and you come from Miami Beach, we suggest to ask indication to reach Coconut Grove trough the way, because it is not really simple to find it when you go out from the main street.

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