Miami, places of interest

Calle Ocho. This famous center point, which spans 30 blocks, is the most important commercial road in Little Havana and represents the emotional heart of Cuban exile. The liveliest stretch sits between 11th and 17th Avenue; this main strip is scattered with monuments such as the eternal flame, honoring the members of the 2506 Brigade who, in 1961, with support from the U.S., died in an attempt to invade Cuba to overthrow the communist regime introduced by Fidel Castro.

The locals meet here every year on April 17th to commemorate this event. The original El Crédito Cigar Factory is close to the intersection between Calle Ocho and 11th Avenue. Opened in Havana in 1907, it was later moved to Miami in 1968.

The pavement is embedded with many stars bearing the names of famous Latin Americans, including Julio Iglesias, Andy Garcia, and Gloria Estefan, in a tropical version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Miami Metrozoo

Located to the south of Miami, it is renowned as an enormous artistic zoo housing more than 700 animals, which are separated from visitors by several simple ditches. Covering 116 hectares, the Metrozoo offers everything the family needs for an enjoyable and entertaining day out animal shows, tram and monorail rides, souvenir shops, food stalls, and a playground.

Considered one of the top zoos in the country, it has received numerous awards for its breeding of rare and endangered species. Its main attractions include gorillas, Malayan bears, and white Bengal tigers. Strongly suggested.

Fairchild Tropical Garden

This magnificent, 33-hectare botanical garden is buried deep in the south of Coral Gables.  It contains a remarkable collection of palm trees (one of the largest in the world) as well as other varieties and exotic plants like the sausage tree (Kigelia africana).

Founded in 1938, the Fairchild Tropical Garden it is also considered an important institution in the field of botanical research. It is positioned around 11 artificial lakes and allows visitors to learn about the use of botanical plants in the medical and perfume industries.

Shows around Miami

Like all large U.S. cities, Miami offers an almost limitless number of shows catering to all tastes. Sports events, opera shows, concerts… this leading city of Hispanic culture – and one of the liveliest urban capitals in the world – has room for it all.

Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts An artistic focal point of Miami Beach, this venue offers Broadway shows, dance recitals, and concerts with the Florida-based Philharmonic Orchestra.

Art Deco Colony Theatre
Located on South Beach, it offers a program that includes dance, theatre, music, and cinema, all in an intimate atmosphere.

Edge Theater
Comedies and classics from the last century are performed on stage.

Coconut Grove Playhouse
Known for its innovative productions.


The New World Symphony performs from the end of September to early May at the historic Lincoln Theater in Miami Beach. Many Latin American artists also see Miami as an important stop on their international tours, including Shakira. Concerts are often staged in the American Airlines Arena, located on the seafront downtown.


The Miami City Ballet has a strong international reputation thanks to its extensive repertoire, which merges classical and contemporary dance, and its list of venues includes the Jackie Gleason Theater.


Many of Miami’s shopping centers include a multi-screen cinema. Lovers of the seventh art in its most alternative form should head to the Hill Oxford Cinema, found at the Miami University in Coral Gables. You can find the Cinema also at the top of Lincoln Road in South Beach., South Beach like no other.

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