The Nikki Beach Miami.

What our Guests say: 1) The best place to be in miami..dont miss it! sunday night is the best.

2) It used to be great place in 2001. Now it is worst tourist trap on the beach.

3) Far over estimated. left it´s best years and glamour behind. no place for locals. but still the only place at the beach to hang out & chill – except the beach itself!

4) Sadly – though not always the case – this particular location gives the ‘nikki beach’ brand a bad name.

5) Don´t waist your time, trashi place…. In place in 2000 now want´s to live from past glories, with the turist croud…

6) Great place, go on Sunday`s.

7) Make sure you get there before 12, take a chair with umbrella, a large mojito’s jar, and then you will be ready to enjoy the show…

8) Best Sunday Brunch of Miami Beach!


9) The most non-exclusive place on South Beach, what a dump!

10) I love the pearl club! Nikki Beach by night…..just wonderful!

11) Was there Jan. 15th ’06 on Sun. night, if you are not into very young undergraduate kids don’t go there, music OK, place pretty nice, my suggestion find the new NIKKI if you can – Ligea

12) Was there Dec 29, 05 for lunch. Dirty toilets, lousy food, very expensive and average service…

13) Excellent sunday Party…

14) Tell only your best friends!!!

15) Sunday night is unreal!

16) It has the best Sat afternoon beach party that makes you feel your in Ibiza. There are dancers performing shows that are always interesting

17) Nice settings but the staff is incompetent and frankly it’s over rated


18) Used to be a great place years back- now the beach is open to the public and Nikkis has lost its privacy and beauty

19) Used to be very good on Sundays night, went down in past months, still a place to go if you havent seen it before

20) Best place on Sunday. join already for breackfast sunday noon and stay until closing. very good mochito.

21) Worst place on saturday night. Also, reception manager at Pearl restaurant ver, very unpolite. If the place was in Europe, it would have shut down after 1 day!

22) Don’t you miss it on Sunday nights!, like no other.

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