Head to Miami for Your Vacation!

Suffered enough of the snow and winter wind? Perhaps it’s time to schedule your next vacation where the weather is pleasant all year, and there’s never a dull afternoon or evening. South Beach in Florida, one of the nation’s most beautiful and glamorous destinations, offers visitors a haven in the metropolitan Miami area.

let-go-out-miamiIf the thought of spending a holiday in South Beach leaves you skeptical about the total bill, however, you may be surprised to know the trip is more affordable than you think!

There is no better place to stay for sun-worshippers, summer or winter.

Please choose any of the high-rise hotels we selected, along the shoreline and enjoy easy access to the pristine sand and bright blue water. Relax and soak up the rays and people watch and enjoy a light lunch at any cafes along Ocean Drive before resting up for a night on the town. Love to shop? The open-air mall on Lincoln Road features some of the most exclusive boutiques in the country, as well as a number of national chain stores.

South Beach is a chameleon of a town, providing an opportunity for family fun throughout the day and adventurous “grown-up” entertainment after dusk. After the sun goes down, the streets glow with the neon of nightclubs and crowds fills the sidewalks and streets as people hop from club to club—with over one hundred and fifty nightclubs and bars in the area alone, one can stay for a month and not hit the same place twice!

You literally can dance until the wee hours of the morning, and close up a bar in time for breakfast, then start the cycle of the beach, shopping, and fun all over again. Here are five reasons why you should make this stunning Florida destination your next vacation spot:

If you’ve dreamed of long beach walks in December, or feasting on succulent stone crab claws while enjoying a breathtaking view of Biscayne Bay, South Beach is where you need to go this year. With the many luxury hotels at your disposal, you can enjoy three to four-star accommodations for as little as $120 a night, and enjoy a five-star vacation! Grab here today’s deals

Beaches and Sun: Visualize soaking up the sun on a white-sand beach with a vast expanse of crystalline blue ocean. The idyllic beaches at South Beach are renowned for letting you Relax, unwind, and forget about your concerns.

Party Scene: With countless clubs and pubs, South Beach is renowned for its famed nightlife scene. Experience some of the world’s best party atmosphere as you dance the night away with both locals and visitors.

Clubs: Some of the world’s most elite clubs are located in South Beach, where A-list celebrities and well-known DJs frequently attend. South Beach is the place to be if you want a night out that you won’t soon forget.

Sparkling Time: South Beach has amazing energy and an irresistible buzz all the time. You’ll feel like you belong, whether you’re strolling down Ocean Drive or relaxing at a beachfront cafe.

Events: The Miami International Boat Show and the South Beach Wine & Food Festival are just some of the amazing events and festivals in South Beach from December to April. You’ll never run out of things to do because there’s always something going on.

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