Miami Beach: What to Eat Breakfast.

For Europeans, certain American customs may be unfamiliar, if not downright bewildering. The predilection for ice in drinks, for example, causes consternation. Nothing escapes the cold treatment, from whisky to cola. If you prefer your drinks cool, but not iced. remember to say so when you order.

The coffee ritual (like the coffee itself) takes a bit of getting used to.

The brew is weak by European standards and the cup is “bottom- less”. That means the waiter will refill it repeatedly without extra charge. Don’t be surprised if your waiter urges you to take your leftovers home in a “doggie bag”. Some restaurants serve far more than one person can eat on the assumption that customers will carry away what they don’t consume on the spot. Even cafeterias supply doggie bags, but you have to wrap up the food yourself.

What to eat Breakfast.
Start the day right at a deli with coffee and a Danish, a kind of sweet roll with a prune, cinnamon-and- nut, custard or cheese filling. If you can’t make up your mind, order an assortment of mini-Danishes and try them all. Or opt for bagels (whole- wheat bagels for the health- conscious!) with butter or cream cheese and jam.

Cuban street counters provide a compelling alternative in the form of guava pastries hot from the oven (pastelitos de guayaha) or toasted Cuban bread. If you like your coffee strong, a Cuban breakfast is the only breakfast. Have an eye-opening café cubano, strong and black, or café con leche, coffee with milk and sugar.

Be sure to specify “no sugar” if you prefer unsweetened coffee. The American option- eggs any style”-comes Southern-style with grits (a cornmeal gruel) or with traditional home fries (sliced, sautéed potatoes) or hash brown potatoes (grated and fried with onion)., like no other.

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