Miami Beach: Let’s go to make sport

If you want to stay active while enjoying the beautiful Miami weather, you’re in luck. Miami has endless possibilities for sports and activities all year round. Here are some of the top picks for staying active in Miami:

Cast your line into the Atlantic from the beaches or piers like the popular ones at Haulover Beach Park and Sunny Isles. For deep-sea fishing, you can charter a private boat or join a group of fishermen on a “party boat” for a reasonable fee per person.

Miami has many public courses, including the scenic Key Biscayne course voted Florida’s best public course. Certain clubs like the famous Doral open their greens to non-members. Many hotels can arrange for their guests to play at a private club. The Miami Beach Golf Club in front of the Miami Convention Center is a great option if you’re staying in one of our hotels in Miami Beach.

Miami is known as a tennis country with more than 400 courts in the metropolitan area. Many hotels have their own courts, but you can also play at any of a number of public tennis centers, including Flamingo Park in the Art Deco District and North Shore Open Space Park.

More than 130 miles of paved bike paths make it easy to sightsee in Miami and South Beach. Rent a bike and sightsee on Key Biscayne, ride out to Fairchild Tropical Garden, or combine birdwatching and bike riding at Shark Valley in the glades. If you’re staying in one of our hotels in South Beach, you can find a bike rental at 5th and Washington Avenue.

Miami has plenty of options if you’re looking for a scenic jog. David Kennedy Park in the Grove is a local favorite, or you can jog barefoot on the beach. For a more lively atmosphere, jog along Miami Beach Ocean Drive.

Explore the Everglades National Park by joining a group or striking out on your own. Ask at the Visitor Centre about nature trails and backcountry destinations, and make sure to take care of yourself if you go alone.

Water Sports
Bay beaches are best for windsurfing and water skiing, ocean beaches are for swimming. For an up-to-the-minute weather report, including full details of wind, sea, and suntanning conditions, call the Weather Line: 976-1010 (24-hour service).

Although the right of way to the beach may be private, the shore is public property to the high water line. Ease of access makes Miami Beach popular with Miamians. Try the swinging 21st Street Beach or the expansive swimming area at 46th, set right in the middle of the great resort hotels. There’s a place in the sun for the public at 53rd, 64th, and 72nd to 74th streets. North Shore Open Space Park Beach (79th to 87th streets) has the most elaborate facilities, with a Vita course, boardwalk, and thatched shelters in an attractive setting of palm trees and sea grapes. Practically 80% of our Hotels have a swimming pool inside the resort.

Possibilities further north include the beaches at Surfside, Bal Harbour, and Sunny Isles. In this case, you need to take a cab. The sunset from Sunny Isles to Miami is something you need to try. Very romantic.

Key Biscayne’s beaches are the clear favorite of local swimmers and sunbathers. Crandon Park has snack bars, picnic facilities, a bathhouse, and cabanas to let by the day, week, or month, while Cape Florida provides plenty of picnic tables and grills under the pines. However, if you choose this, you need to rent a car or take a cab. It’s far from South Beach

JellyfishPortuguese man-of-war, and sting rays can present a hazard to swimmers on Atlantic beaches, but they won’t bother you if you leave them alone. In the rare event of a man-of-war invasion (usually after a heavy storm), lifeguards advise swimmers to keep out of the water. So, please attention.

No matter your preferred activity level, Miami has something for everyone. So get active and enjoy all that this vibrant city has to offer., is like no other.

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