Moving to Miami… Where to live?

What our Guests say:1) Just a different option is downtown Miami called Brickell area.. you get the bayfront and the oceanfront views in one, and just 5-7 minutes to South Beach in non-rush hour. Brickell has great restaurants & now a growing number of popular clubs as well. It’s where a lot of locals hang out early evenings before heading out to SoBe afterwards. Plenty of condos/rentals around, and is about $200-300 per s.f. cheaper than SoBe beachfronts.

2) Do you want to be on South Beach? Dont forget there are other areas that are very nice, 7 to 10 minutes away from South Beach. There is Brickell, the Design District and Coconut Grove Areas. Are you looking to rent or buy? Send me a private message and I will assist you with all of your needs.

3) South Beach is THE only palce to stay if you are looking for beach, sun and fun! All the fun stuff is happening at SoBe and it is such a hassle with the “long” taxi drive back home in the night. Live anywhere in between 1-23 street. Enjoy!

4) Depends on what you want.I lived at ICON- South of Fifth…..Good Fun Particularly the pool on weekends….moved up to Collins and 59 to building wioth beach club….South of Fifth is nuts and dosen’t stop- great for vacation…I got tired of that area after two years…Brickel Key is nice too…quiet and the Mandarin is right there you also have some cool new places on brickel avenue…


5) It dependsthere are also other areas in Miami beach that are close to South Beach and the clubbing area but not in the middle of it. Sunny Isles, Surfside, Bal Harbour, Golden Beach, are areas all near the ocean and many Europeans own units there. It also depends where your office or work place is and what your plan is.

6) South Beach my friend, South Beach, definately.
Yes South Beach. Then maybe in a few years you’ll get tired, but for myself after 7 years I still love it like the first day.

7) I guess I will be the only one here to recommend Fort Lauderdale beach. Nicer buildings, not as crowded, better value dollar for dollar – and a 30-40 minute drive to South Beach. New developments (some in the final stages of completion) include Las Olas Beach Club, Sapphire, Trump Fort Lauderdale Beach, and the W Resort & Residences.

8) I consider myself an expert on this, having owned homes in South Beach and Coconut Grove. Where to live depends on what you’re seeking and how you want to entertain. I agree with the person who said South of Fifth is pretty crazy — you’re basically living in the equivalent of New Orleans French Quarter. Most locals who still work for a living can’t really handle South of Fifth or anywhere on Ocean Drive below 20th street for too long. Even so, if you want to experience what is unique about Miami, and it sounds like you do, South Beach is where you should start. Brickell has low rents and great views, but you can’t walk to the beach, and won’t see the same kind of international crowd on display in South Beach every night.


9) The Miami that one sees on TV or in movies is actually Miami Beach, which is an island off the mainland. In contrast, Brickell is part of the Florida peninsula and part of the financial district. South Beach is considered anything below approximately 20th street on Miami Beach. Lincoln Road is perpendicular to Ocean Drive and is at about 17th Street. If you will actually be working for a living, I’d recommend placing Sunset Harbour towers and townhouses on your list as a good happy medium. You can walk to the beach and Lincoln Road from there, but you’re not squarely in the middle of the craziness. Coconut Grove, where I my house is, is something else altogether. It’s basically a tropical jungle filled with 1930s and older homes, with great nightlife and restaurants.


10) The Grove has city amenities, but also features privacy because of the forest canopy — more tall trees than anywhere else in town, but is probably not what you’re looking for if you’re seeking the high rise oceanfront experience. Feel free to send a PM if you would like more specific advice about our fair city. Good luck!

11) I would recommend that you consider the building Ten Museum Park, which is one of the newest buildings in Miami. The architecture, loft interior and location are very appealing., like no other.

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