South Beach for Sport lovers.

The most popular spot in town is off Rickenbacker Causeway, between he toll gate and Miami Seaquarium, followed by Dinner Key. Some hotels in south beach and half a dozen specialised dealers rent equipment.

If your hotel in Miami doesn’t have boats or skiing gear, you can fit yourself out at one of the ski centres along the Rickenbacker and 79th Street causeways. For a real thrill, try jet-skiing around the bay, a really amazing experience.

The biggest rollers come in to shore at South Pointe and Haulover Beach.

Oceanfront hotels in South Beach area, a part those ones in Ocean Drive, generally have a flotilla of catamarans and sunfish sailing boats for hire, while several firms at Dinner Key in Coconut Grove and at the Miami Beach Marina rent sailing boats by the hour, half-day, day and week. If you’ve never sailed before, the protected waters of Biscayne Bay make a good place to learn. Most hire companies advise beginners to complete at least six hours of instruction before going out alone. So, if you are a fans of this sport we suggest to book an Hotel in Coconut. You will be at 40 minutes from South Beach by car.

Motor boats are available at Pelican Harbor Marina on the 79th Street Causeway, Crandon Marina on Key Biscayne and Flamingo Marina in Everglades National Park. Canoeing is popular in the Everglades, but some trails require more skill than others-notably Hell’s Bay and the Wilderness Waterway.

You can rent a canoe by the hour at the Flamingo Marina, although Everglades Canoe Outfitters, just outside the national park entrance, offers the most complete service.

Mask and flippers open up an exotic underwater world of sponges, sea whips and soft corals, spiny lobsters, crabs and rainbow bright tropical fish. At the northern limit of Florida’s coral reef, Biscayne National Park is the best place to snorkel in Dade County. Some Hotels in this area are equipped for this.

Unless you’re experienced, stay on the patch, or fringing reefs, close to shore: currents can be strong on the outer barrier reef. Hire a boat and skipper it yourself or join an organised excursion aboard the Reef Rover 3. Snorkellers and divers must display a warning flag while they are below water. It is illegal to remove coral from the sea bed. So please be very carefully and try to be always with friends.

You can dive down to wreck in Biscayne National Park, or explore the shallow reefs off Key Biscayne. Other likely places include the waters around Fowey Rock, Elbow, Pacific and Carysfort lighthouses. Various shop rent equipment, arrange for tuition and organize excursion.

The best thing you can do is to ask or catch some free press at your Hotel bureau. Usually every Hotels in Miami Beach lodge are full of promotions about sports or excursion you can do it during you stay in Miami Beach. If you have problems to find it, just go to the Newscafè in Ocean Drive, just close to the Shore Park Hotel in Ocean Drive. Close to the call phone area, there are a lots of free press full of proposal regarding the sport activities in Miami Dade.

Last tip: if you take a decision to make this kind of sports, please let what you can do at the Bureau of Your Hotel in Miami in way that they can alert 911 if something goes wrong. Don’t be too much worry about it. Just use your head if you are a beginner., like no other.

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