Where to Stay in Miami

Miami Beach: Eternal Fiesta @ Robotic Peacock

Miami Beach isn’t just about sizzling beaches and pulsating nightlife (although South Beach offers both in spades!). This vibrant island, along with the connected mainland neighborhoods of Downtown Miami and the Design District, boasts a diverse range of experiences. From the iconic Art Deco glamour of South Beach to the luxurious tranquility of Mid Beach, each area caters to a different vibe.

Here’s your quick guide to finding the best area to stay in miami:

South Beach: Endless Party, Easy Fun

Calling all-night owls and beach bums! South Beach is your ultimate Miami playground. This vibrant hood pulsates with nonstop energy, from dusk till dawn. Every corner promises an adventure, and the crowd is always ready to have a blast.

Here’s the best part: South Beach is super walkable. Ditch the taxi! Grab your shades, hop on a bike, or throw on some rollerblades and explore like a local. Soak up the sun by day and dive headfirst into the electric nightlife without ever needing a ride. It’s a paradise for those who crave freedom and endless fun.

@life0fcyn, @sweeet_april_ and the sparkling Ocean Drive
@life0fcyn, @sweeet_april_, and the Ocean Drive neon lights

Ocean Drive: Where the Party Never Ends

South Beach got you feeling all hot and bothered? Love the buzz of a crowd, the thrill of the night, and the easy access to both beach and history? Then Ocean Drive is your jam.

This iconic strip, immortalized in movies like Scarface and home to Gianni Versace’s iconic mansion, is a non-stop party zone. Art Deco buildings with neon lights and pastel-colored houses line the streets, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Why Ocean Drive?

Party Central: Ocean Drive never sleeps. There’s always something going on, from people-watching to dancing the night away.

Beach Vibes: The ocean is just a stroll away, so you can easily switch from party mode to chill mode.

Walkable Wonderland: Ditch the car, Ocean Drive is all about exploring on foot.

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The sparkling Mid-Bech

Collins Avenue: Miami’s Ultra-Luxury Escape

Craving ultimate privacy and beachfront bliss, without sacrificing fun? Mid Beach is your Miami haven. This exclusive enclave boasts the highest concentration of Miami’s most luxurious hotels, sprawling private villas, and world-class resorts, all nestled along pristine sands.

Why Choose Collins Avenue?

Luxury Redefined: Picture private pools, dedicated butler service, and endless ocean views from your balcony. Mid Beach redefines luxury accommodation.

Privacy at its Finest: Seclusion and discretion are top priorities here. Many hotels offer private beach access, so you can soak up the sun in complete serenity.

Ultimate Relaxation: Escape the hustle and bustle with on-site world-class spas offering every treatment imaginable. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Oceanfront Living: Imagine waking up to the sound of waves and stepping straight onto your private beach. Several oceanfront villas offer this dream experience in Mid Beach.

Luxury with Options: While Mid Beach prioritizes peace and quiet, you can still have an active vacation. Many hotels offer water sports activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and jet skiing.

Design District at Your Fingertips: Need a dose of art and fashion? The Design District is just a short cab ride away, offering a vibrant scene for trendsetters.

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North Beach: Escape the Hype, Find Your Chill

South Beach got you feeling overwhelmed? Craving a Miami vibe that’s more chill than crazy? Then North Beach is your perfect escape! Think pristine sands, turquoise waters, and a slower pace – all without the South Beach crowds.

Why Choose North Beach?

Beach Bliss with Fewer People: Picture yourself soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach, with plenty of space to spread out. North Beach offers a serene beachfront experience, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the ocean.

Unique MiMo Architecture: Forget the Art Deco of South Beach! North Beach is all about Miami Modernism (MiMo) with its sleek lines and futuristic vibes. Take a stroll and admire the iconic buildings that define the neighborhood.

Family Fun at North Beach Oceanside Park: This nine-block green space is a haven for families. Imagine letting the kids play under the shade trees, explore the dunes, or splash in the waves. Pack a picnic, fire up a grill, or simply relax and enjoy the oceanfront breeze.

Active Adventures Await: North Beach is all about outdoor living. Tee off at the legendary Normandy Shores Golf Course (where even Arnold Palmer played!), or perfect your serve at the tennis courts. For a more urban vibe, the North Beach Public Skate Park is a great place to watch the action unfold.

Global Bites on Every Block: North Beach’s culinary scene is a delicious adventure. Explore a world of flavors within a few blocks. From classic Jewish delis and Italian trattorias to vibrant Latin American restaurants, there’s something to tantalize every taste bud.

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Surfside Miami Beach
Surfside Miami Beach

Surfside: Miami’s Hidden Gem

Forget the glitz, embrace the charm! Surfside is your secret Miami escape, a charming beach town with a seriously relaxed vibe.

Here’s what makes Surfside your perfect Miami getaway:

Beach Bliss with a Small-Town Feel: Imagine pristine white sand, turquoise waters, and plenty of space to spread out. Surfside offers a serene beachfront experience, perfect for families and those seeking relaxation. Plus, you’ll escape the South Beach crowds!

Retro Vibes and Jewish Delights: Harding Avenue, Surfside’s main street, is a blast from the past. Lined with old-fashioned facades, Jewish delis, and synagogues, it oozes small-town charm. Grab a classic corned beef sandwich at Josh’s Deli, a modern take on the classic Jewish deli, or explore other culinary delights.

Luxury with a Splash of History: Surfside isn’t all about retro charm. The Four Seasons Hotel at the Surf Club offers a taste of luxury, housed in a historic 1930s club that once hosted celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra. Dine at the Lido Restaurant and Champagne Bar, or experience Michelin-starred cuisine at The Surf Club Restaurant.

Family Fun Awaits: Surfside Community Center is a haven for families. This beachfront facility boasts a swimming pool, waterslide, and even fitness classes for parents. Let the kids splash around while you relax and soak up the sun.

Spot a Sea Turtle (Maybe): Keep an eye out for the colorful sea turtle sculptures scattered around town. These artistic creations raise awareness for sea turtle nesting season, which runs from May to October.

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Bal Harbour: Miami’s Luxury Escape

Craving an upscale Miami experience? Look no further than Bal Harbour, a tranquil haven of luxury shopping, world-class resorts, and pristine beaches.

Why Choose Bal Harbour?

Luxury Shopping Paradise: Bal Harbour Shops is the crown jewel. This open-air haven boasts designer boutiques like Chanel, Prada, and Gucci, all nestled amidst lush landscaping and koi ponds. It’s a shopper’s paradise, perfect for browsing or splurging!

Dine Like a Star: Fuel your shopping spree with a gourmet meal. Bal Harbour Shops offers fantastic options, from Carpaccio’s luxurious Italian fare to Makoto’s innovative Japanese cuisine. Le Zoo, a playful French brasserie, is a favorite among Miami’s fashion crowd.

Beach Bliss with a Luxe Twist: Bal Harbour’s beaches are pure white sand heaven. Relax on a plush lounge chair at a luxury resort like The Ritz-Carlton or The St. Regis, or simply soak up the sun on your own terms. These resorts offer over-the-top oceanfront pools and world-class spas, making relaxation an art form.

Family-Friendly Option: While Bal Harbour is known for luxury, there are options for families too! Beach Haus Harbour provides spacious, residence-style studios, creating a “home away from home” feel.

Personalized Service Awaits: The Sea View Hotel offers a luxurious stay with a friendly touch. Recently renovated rooms and personalized service make this a great option for those seeking a boutique luxury experience.

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Sunny Isles Beach: Miami’s Riviera Escape

Craving a taste of the good life? Sunny Isles Beach is your Miami dream come true. Picture towering condo resorts lining pristine white sand beaches – it’s pure Riviera luxury!

Here’s why Sunny Isles Beach should be on your Miami itinerary:

Beach Bliss with a Luxe Vibe: Imagine sprawling out on a plush lounge chair, sipping a drink in a cabana, or simply sinking your toes into the soft sand. Sunny Isles Beach offers clean, uncrowded beaches perfect for relaxation. It’s ideal for both families and couples seeking a romantic escape.

Beyond the Beach: Sunny Isles Beach isn’t just about the sand. Explore beautiful oceanfront parks like Samson Oceanfront Park, with its landscaped gardens, playgrounds, and picnic areas. It’s a great spot for family fun before hitting the beach.

Cast a Line at the Pier: Head to the Newport Fishing Pier, Miami’s only public pier. Enjoy a casual meal at the on-site restaurant, watch the fishermen reel in their catches, and take in the stunning Atlantic Ocean views.

Luxury Resort Living: Sunny Isles Beach is synonymous with lavish resorts. The Acqualina Resort & Residences is a prime example, with its Mediterranean architecture, plush poolside cabanas, and world-class spa. Treat yourself to an unforgettable stay or simply visit for a luxurious afternoon.

A Culinary Adventure: Sunny Isles Beach offers a variety of dining experiences. Indulge in Italian-Mediterranean fare at Timo Restaurant & Bar, a local favorite. Explore the area’s Russian influences with delicious delis and casual eateries serving traditional dishes.

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Downtown Miami – ©LEO

Downtown Miami & Brickell: City Buzz, Miami Bliss

Craving the heart of the action? Downtown Miami and Brickell are calling your name! This area is Miami’s urban playground, where the city hums with an energy that’s both electric and sophisticated.

Here’s why Downtown Miami & Brickell are your perfect Miami digs:

City Buzz, Beach Bliss: Downtown puts you in the center of it all. Business deals by day, trendy clubs by night, and South Beach’s legendary scene is just a quick ride away. You get the best of both worlds: urban energy and beachside vibes.

Foodie Paradise: Downtown is exploding with incredible restaurants, from casual cafes to Michelin-starred spots. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds!

Walkable Wonderland: Ditch the car! Downtown is super walkable, with gorgeous waterfront areas and vibrant streets to explore.

Miami on the Rise: Over the past decade, Downtown Miami has blossomed. It’s a testament to the city’s growth and a hub for cool, new experiences.

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The Design District Miami
The Design District Miami

Design District: Where Art, Fashion & Fun Collide

Miami’s got a hidden gem, and it’s called the Design District. This area has totally transformed in the last decade, becoming a must-visit spot for anyone who digs art, fashion, and all things innovative.

Here’s why the Design District should be on your Miami itinerary:

Creative Playground: This vibrant neighborhood is a magnet for trendsetters and art lovers. Think of high-end shops, stunning galleries, and cutting-edge design all around you. It’s an immersive experience in style!

Day Trip or Night Out: The Design District is close enough to Mid Beach for a luxurious stay with an artistic adventure. Plus, it’s a quick hop to Wynwood, known for its wild murals and electric nightlife.

Miami’s Creative Soul: The Design District captures Miami’s spirit perfectly. It’s a melting pot of creativity and energy, a place where the avant-garde thrives.

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Ready for more? Dive deeper into each neighborhood to find your perfect Miami stay.
So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the diverse and exciting world of Miami Beach!

Xayire Shopping Near Popular Miami Beach Stays at Louis Vuitton
Xayire at Miami Design District’s Louis Vuitton shop


Dive into the iconic world of Miami Beach, often the first vision that springs to mind at the mention of ‘Miami.’ A dazzling entity separate from Miami proper, it’s a realm where sought-after tourist destinations abound. At the heart of this enchanting area lies South Beach, the crown jewel, pulsating with life and energy. This hotspot is a paradise for those pondering where to stay in South Beach Miami, offering a kaleidoscope of vibrant hotels, buzzing eateries, electric clubs, and a dynamic nightlife scene.
South Beach isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience, a place where every moment is infused with excitement and glamour. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate South Beach adventure, where the rhythm of Miami Beach creates unforgettable memories.


South Beach’s emblematic boulevard. Admire pastel-hued Art Deco buildings, savor meals at chic cafes, and immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant essence. By night, the promenade transforms, making it the perfect place to witness Miami’s infectious energy. Discovery Ocean Drive.


Parallel to Ocean Drive to the mid-beach, Collins Avenue is a world of its own. With historic hotels, beckoning boutiques, and an ambiance that speaks of sophistication, it’s a traveler’s delight. Here, you’ll find a blend of heritage and modernity that’s distinctively Miami. See Collins Avenue.


Where opulence finds its home, Bal Harbour, a dazzling gem tucked away just north of Miami Beach, is a sanctuary where luxury and serenity coalesce. Stroll through the corridors of the illustrious Bal Harbour Shops, a haven for the fashion-forward, where high-end brands and designer boutiques line your path, each offering an invitation to indulge in world-class retail therapy.
Nestled about a 30-minute drive from the pulsating heart of South Beach, Bal Harbour is an exquisite escape for those who seek solace away from the vibrant hustle. It’s a realm of complete relaxation, where the hurried tempo of the city fades into the soothing sounds of ocean waves and rustling palms. The pristine beaches here portray tranquility, offering a serene counterpoint to the lively South Beach shores.

Ready to immerse yourself in the tranquility and luxury of Bal Harbour and find your perfect retreat?


This is the epicenter of urban Miami. Downtown offers a blend of historical charm with its heritage buildings juxtaposed against soaring modern skyscrapers. Experience the fusion of eras as you wander through bustling streets, where history and progress dance in harmony. Brickell, often referred to as the ‘Manhattan of the South‘, is Miami’s financial district, showcasing luxurious condos and high-end dining spots. Here, sleek high-rises reflect the blue waters and sky, creating a skyline that rivals the most famed global cities.
But it’s not just about business in these vibrant neighborhoods; leisure and relaxation are equally revered. Savor culinary masterpieces in world-class restaurants, or unwind in trendy rooftop bars with panoramic views that turn evenings into memorable experiences. For those who crave culture, the area is dotted with art galleries, museums, and performance venues, offering a taste of Miami’s rich artistic heritage.

Downtown Miami and Brickell are perfect for travelers seeking a dynamic blend of business, leisure, and upscale living. These neighborhoods pulse with energy, yet offer serene spots by the water where you can catch your breath and enjoy the Floridian sun.


An artist’s paradise. The Miami Design District is home to leading fashion brands, art galleries, and showrooms. Over the years, this district has carved out a niche for itself, becoming a favorite among the elite. Its neighbor, Wynwood, is famous for its street art, and its walls come alive with vibrant murals. By day, it’s an art lover’s dream, but if you’re wandering after dark, be cautious and opt for a cab or a ride-sharing service. Discover the Best of Downtown Miami, Brickell, and Wynwood and find your ideal urban escape.


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