How To Dress In Miami Beach.

Hey, everybody, it’s me, Jennifer. Hope you guys are doing fantastic! Becky, Jasmine, and I went shopping on Lincoln Road today for the latest Spring fashions. I’m telling you there is nothing cheap about the shops on Lincoln Road, but, you’ve got pay the price to live in Paradise. I’m going give you the rundown on how to dress in Miami Beach. You don’t want to look cheap! You do want to look slutty, that’s part of the fun!


If you need to look almost respectable beach dresses are the cutest things we found! I got one that looks like a swimsuit top extended into a dress that comes just past the hips. It is so pretty. It has a floral halter top and a solid rose colored skirt attached.

Becky got a beautiful opal colored strapless dress with rows of scalloped lace tiers down the front and the rest of the dress is ruched spandex. It is so dazzling!

Jasmine bought a stunning black one shoulder short black dress with rows of gold chains embellishing the sides. Every woman needs a little black dress.


Platform sandals are really hot this year. I got a woven chain with a 5 ¾ inch heal and a 1 ½ inch platform that wraps around my ankles. It came in solid black and black and white spots. I got both. They are so pretty and versatile; they look good with skinny jeans, a flirty dress, or a tiny bikini.

If you are going to the beach, then you absolutely must have a pair of sandals. I prefer a wedge because the white sand in Florida is so hot it will absolutely fry your feet if you try to walk bear foot. The wedge looks sexy and raises your feet above the sand.


Becky, Jasmine and I have long hair because we think it looks sexy. But, short hair also has its fashion statement on Miami Beach.

Style your hair away from your face so that everybody can see that charming smile and flirty eyes. My beautician says the style this spring will be to tone down the highlights and give hair a more natural color.


The biggest trend that I’m seeing this year is the oversized sunglasses. They make you look absolutely gorgeous and the lenses will protect your eyes and cheeks from the blazing Florida sun.

Also the style is toward a large over-sized, very colorful beach tote or basket. Whichever you prefer, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen inside.

What to Wear to Go Out

The girls who wear as little as possible will be chosen first by the bouncers at a bar or a nightclub to be allowed inside. They make the girls who are more modestly dressed wait and sometimes they don’t get in at all. Bikinis with cutouts give the illusion that guys will be able to see even more will be chosen first.

If you are going to a nice restaurant, then choose tiny flirty cocktail dress. A strapless tube or one shoulder frock is with platform shoes is fantastic. Let as much skin show as possible.

If you are going to a sporting event, then you’ll need to wear shorts or skinny jeans and a halter top.

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