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Relax and unwind at Lincoln Road, away from Miami's hustle.
Escape Miami’s hustle at Lincoln Road and embrace leisure.

Wherever you go, every great city has its iconic street – a hub of activity and culture. In Miami Beach, that street is Lincoln Road Miami. More than just a street, it’s the essence of South Beach itself, offering everything from shopping to dining under the warm Miami sun. If you crave a vibrant Miami vibe, Lincoln Road Mall is your go-to destination. Imagine a fusion of retro charm, neon-lit elegance of Ocean Drive, and a Broadway-esque flair – all in one bustling avenue. Lincoln Road buzzes with energy day and night. Here, cafes reminiscent of ‘Friends’ or ‘Cheers’ offer a cozy retreat. The community is welcoming – become a regular, and you’ll be greeted by name!

Don’t be daunted by the open-air layout of the cafes. Embrace it! Here, the community thrives. Diverse crowds – from skaters to families, ex-pats to newlyweds – all converge at Euclid Circle. In essence, Lincoln Road is a microcosm of South Florida’s spirit. So, grab a coffee and immerse yourself in this lively, eclectic street. It’s an experience not to be missed in Miami Beach!”

The Tour Begins

Kick off your week at the vibrant Farmer’s Market and The Sunday Antique, a haven for everyone from home cooks to casual shoppers. Discover charming home decor and pantry essentials that draw crowds every week. Craving homemade Italian? Join the locals at Rosinella Cafe, where “Mama” Rosinella Doino’s cooking makes you feel like family. Whether for a family dinner or a romantic date, enjoy her delectable Italian dishes, perfectly paired with the nearby New World Symphony.

At Van Dyke Cafe on Jefferson Avenue, arrive early to grab a sidewalk table. Enhance your experience with nightly live jazz upstairs – a South Beach staple. Missed out on Van Dyke? Directly opposite is Pasha’s, offering tantalizing Mediterranean street food from their open-air kitchen. For a heartier fare, visit Hofbräu München for robust German dishes and beers.

Biweekly Sundays from October to May, the Lincoln Road Flea Market becomes a hotspot for antique lovers and fashionistas, all seeking hidden treasures at bargain prices. Amidst this buzz, you’ll find enthusiastic collectors eagerly awaiting new arrivals, ready to snag the best deals.

It's a Big Party

Experience the non-stop festivity at Lincoln Mall, where drag queens in dazzling costumes and mascots delight diners and pose for photos. Enjoy costume competitions, big family gatherings on holidays, and various social events. The atmosphere is electric, filled with laughter, cheers, and the clicking of cameras. It’s more than a destination; it’s a celebration of life at South Beach.


Shopping Delights

As October arrives, Lincoln Road buzzes with excitement, especially during the weekends surrounding Halloween. Despite the heat, holiday spirits soar with sparkling lights and quirky promotions in stores, boutiques, and art galleries. On New Year’s Eve, crowds gather to celebrate with fireworks, making Lincoln Mall a year-round hotspot.

Whatever your plan, from family dinners to quick lunches, Lincoln Road offers a plethora of choices from Bayside to Seaside. Remember, no vehicles are allowed past Washington Avenue to Alton Road, so be prepared for a bit of walking.

Eating Time!

Lincoln Road Miami Beach Food

Pizza Tua

Looking for an amazing dining spot in South Beach? Check out Pizza Tua. This joint is not only packed with delicious Italian food but also stands out with its diverse ownership, including Asian, Black, Disability, Hispanic/Latinx, LGBTQIA+, and women owners.

What’s on the menu: Expect a killer range of Italian dishes from all corners of Italy—Northern, Central, Southern, Neapolitan, Campania, Romana, Lazio, and Sicilian. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Margherita, a tasty Mediterranean pizza, or some next-level pasta, Pizza Tua has you covered.

Diet-friendly & all-day eats: Vegetarians and vegans, rejoice! There are plenty of options for you. Open for lunch, dinner, brunch, and those late-night cravings, it’s perfect for any time you’re hungry.

The buzz is real about their top-notch service. Mirko and Vincenzo are fan favorites, making sure your dining experience is spot on. Pro tip: ask Mirko for some travel tips to Italy while you enjoy your meal. Pizza Tua is definitely a spot you’ll want to hit up again and again.

667 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach
Booking: +1 865-208-8599

MILA Restaurant

Hey, if you’re ever in Miami and looking for an incredible place to eat, you’ve gotta check out MILA Restaurant. Trust me, it should be right at the top of your list! This spot is all about taking sushi and Japanese fusion to the next level with a modern twist.

The result? A menu that’s not just exciting but seriously delicious.

So, what’s on the menu, you ask? Well, MILA’s got this awesome fusion of sushi and Japanese-inspired dishes that are perfect whether you’re there for dinner, brunch, or even some late-night bites. The best part? Everything’s designed for sharing, so it’s a great place to hit up with your friends or family.

With everyone raving about the food, service, and overall vibe, MILA is a place you absolutely have to visit. From the staff who’ll bend over backwards for you to the out-of-this-world flavors, this spot has everything you need for an epic night out.

1636 Meridian Ave Rooftop, Miami Beach (just few meters from lincoln road)
Booking: +1 786-706-0744

Havana 1957

Step into the enchanting world of 1950s Havana at our restaurant, where authentic Cuban cuisine meets the sophistication of Cuba’s most glamorous decade. Our popular Cuban Sampler showcases our kitchen’s excellence, featuring succulent pork, tender chicken, and flavorful beef, alongside perfectly seasoned rice and beans.

While some guests particularly enjoy our pork dishes, we offer a diverse menu to suit every palate. Our staff, like Emily, provide warm, attentive service reflecting Cuban hospitality. We value all feedback, using it to continuously refine our recipes and techniques.

Havana 1957 is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey through time. Join us to experience the rich flavors and vibrant culture of old Havana.

819 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach
Booking:+1 305-397-8683

Movie Nights

Craving pizza before a movie? Piola Pizza, under the Lincoln Road marquee, serves delicious wood-burning oven pizzas. In a rush? Panfiore Sandwich offers quick, fresh sandwiches perfect for tight schedules. For a DIY picnic, head north of the cinema to Epicure, where you’ll find everything from ready-to-eat sandwiches to gourmet treats and fine wines for an upscale picnic experience.

Indulge in paninis and espressos at the open-air Segafredo Espresso, located near the Cameo Theater on Lenox Avenue. This popular spot is known for its creative cocktails and vibrant atmosphere, centered around a mosaic fountain.

Lincoln Road Miami Beach Showing Off

Situated near Pottery Barn and the refurbished theater, Lincoln Road is the perfect meet-up spot, attracting celebrities, models, and families alike. Remember to dress your best – you never know who you might bump into on this lively street!

Rockin' Fun

If you are a fan of European soccer (or football, as that’s what they call them), head over to Finnegan’s Two at the intersection of Lincoln and Michigan during the day with this savvy sports bar. During the nights, rock music enthusiasts flock here to be entertained by live rock musicians. For that classic bar feel, they put up the name of the band performing at night and the prices of drinks during happy hour written on a chalkboard.

You might expect the clubs at Lincoln Mall to have a strict velvet rope policy, unlike the popular clubs in South Beach, but they actually don’t.

A walk slightly south on Michigan is the popular Frieze Ice Cream Factory where they would fulfill your deepest ice cream fantasy as they are able to scoop up any mix of flavors you want to make it an instant favorite. The Ice Box Cafem might hold a name that makes you imagine ice cream, but it is not an ice cream store. It is one of the most popular bakeries, especially after they received a nod from Oprah Winfreyclaiming to serve the best cakes in America.


What’s more fun for a family gathering or even out with your friends to have lunch while trying your luck striking down pins at the bowling alley? Definitely, a favorite spot on afternoons, rainy afternoons especially when the sidewalk cafes are slow, and visitors flock to the Lucky Strikes Lanes to have lunch and enjoy games of bowling.

You can enjoy the family atmosphere and play bowling until 9 p.m. when it turns into a chic nightlife spot for those over 21 after the 9 p.m. mark where videos, music, parties, and cocktails storm up the party at the Lucky Strikes Lane.

Dining on a Budget

While most of the eateries in South Beach charge a bomb for dining, some folks have a problem finding a good place to eat with a budget. If you are under a budget, then Balans Restaurant is definitely for you, and his loyal customers and locals who flock to this restaurant would definitely vouch for them.

Balans Restaurant offers discounts of $2 for breakfasts on weekdays, dinner entrees, and never to forget happy hour. Opt for their egg benedict for breakfast, or go for the popular Tiramisu and Spris that are sold at a discount before 7:30 p.m., and they even offer a discount on wine in the early evenings.

For bargain hunters, Zeke’s Roadhouse is a popular destination in Lincoln Mall, especially when they carry beers for just $3. There’s not much on the menu but they offer enough seating on the busy sidewalk cafe of Lincoln Mall, and because of these bargains, Zeke’s Roadhouse attracts young families, spring breakers, and young adults who want to socialize in Lincoln Mall without having to spend a fortune on dining.


Design Dining

Fancy reading books while having a hearty meal? Head over to Books & Books where, unlike any other bookseller stores nationwide that offer a coffee bar, boasts a full menu and eatery in their place. It is not a surprise that most people actually visit and go to Books & Books only for the food, and not to visit the bestseller shelves.

If you want to dine at the tables lining the atrium, you better be fast to reserve a spot as competition for seats could be pretty fierce. This is mainly because of the BASE boutique, the bookstore, Design Within Reach, and the brand new stunning BASE Annex which pulls in all the big names of the Miami design scene.

All Kinds of Savory Delights

Lined up at the busy intersection on Lincoln Road are popular stores that should be on your ‘must visit’ list. The best part is they are all near each other from the legendary Starbucks to the ever-popular Tropical Cigar Bar, the family Italian restaurant da Leo Trattoria, and the chocolate heaven Ghirardelli as well as the tiny sandwich shop called Paninotecathat could easily missed, but definitely should not as they serve to mean pressed paninis and gourmet salads.


If you haven’t noticed yet, South Beach features a full range of Italian cuisine more than any other kind of cuisine. There are typically three kinds of Italian restaurants, and they are simple pasta and pizza eateries like Spris, Rosinella, Pizza Rustica, and Piola. Then there are the upscale Italian restaurants like daLeo Trattoria and Locanda Sibilla, followed by the priciest of them all, the high-end restaurant called the Piedmontese Quattro Gastronomia Italiana.

The Quattro is definitely top dollar, top-notch quality, be sure you can afford them before you dine at them, and make your reservations early.

Head over to David’s Cafe located north of the mall on Meridian to try out their delicious Cuban dishes. Not only do they serve good food, but what makes them different is the 24/7 great service that would definitely satisfy you and the unbelievably low prices on the menu. Any time of the day, David’s would be a good place to get your quick fix of appetite.

Right across from David’s is Miss Yip, one of the popular destinations for locals for lunch and dinner. Local workers all around Lincoln Mall would take an early lunch break just to take advantage of the $10 lunch specials and later on the crowd at the tropical lounge area for drinks during the Happy Hour.

You definitely need to try out the dim sum which is on the menu until midnight, and later on, you could move up to the second level to part at the Buck 15 lounge late at night.


In the center of Miami Beach’s high-end shopping district and the center of the Cool Hotels, clubs, theaters, and outdoor cafes on Lincoln Road which stretches from Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic. It doesn’t matter if you are a resident, a snowbird here for the season, or a vacationer, Lincoln Road/The Traveler’s Guide is a must-have for anyone wanting to make the scene.

Outdoor Cafes

The outdoor cafes are one of the high points of being on South Beach. Whether you go for a relaxed breakfast to sit with your best friend and read the paper while eating breakfast or to people-watch along the beach during lunch or dinner. The outdoor cafes are certainly a relaxing part of South Beach.

1. The beautiful shrubs and potted plants give Balans a serene atmosphere. Their exotic salads are concocted to perfection and are one of my favorites. I particularly like the Mile High Lobster Sandwich and the Pumpkin Ravioli. The place is packed to the rafters in the evenings when people come to celebrate with a bottle and a light supper. My husband and I agree that this is one of the best outdoor cafes in South Beach.

There are discounts available at certain times, so be sure to check with your waiter before ordering.

2. Nexxt Café is always jam-packed with customers. My husband and I ordered a salad and a seafood plate. The waitress told us we probably ordered too much food. She was right, the portions are huge and the food is extremely good. Some of our friends said that the menu was very similar to the Cheesecake Factory.

3. If you are going to Van Dyke Café then the time to go is in the evening when world-renowned jazz musicians perform every night of the week. For a nominal fee, my husband and I were able to sit in on a jazz session and still had full access to the restaurant and drink menu.

4. For Italian food one of the best places to go is da Leo Trattoria is great for pizzas and pasta, however, we discovered that the salads are just not worth the money. They serve some fine Italian beers. While they have one of the largest outdoor dining areas on Lincoln Road, the indoor restaurant is tiny, don’t even try to go in there.

5. Quattro Gastronomia Italiana is a beautiful authentic Italian restaurant that will seat a total of one hundred sixty patrons; eighty inside and eighty outside on the patio. The chefs are twins from Northern Italy cooking for the first time in the United States. The quality of the ingredients was high, but, the flavor of some of the dishes we tried was a bit bland. The menu was a little bit overpriced, and the wait staff seemed snooty.

The next time you go to South Beach I hope you will enjoy the outdoor cafés along Lincoln Road. Don’t forget to take your Lincoln Road/The Traveler’s Guide with you so you don’t miss anything on this fantastic street. And now? Now we go ahead!

A Little Asian Flavor

If you like Asian Food, fret not, there is plenty of good ones in Lincoln Mall, ranging from Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Asian Fusion. Sushi Samba Dromo is an Asian Fusion-themed restaurant that mixes Japanese and Brazilian style cooking, and past after hours it becomes a hip nightclub. Doraku is a popular spot every weeknight for its happy hour, while Sushi Siam mixes the art of Thai and Japanese cuisine and they are done deliciously well.

World Resources Cafe is a more all-in-one kind of restaurant at the sidewalk cafe on the mall which has a large menu covering plenty of Asian delights from Indian to Japanese to Thai cuisine. Miss Yip is one of the more popular Hong Kong-style Chinese restaurants and Yummy Chinese offers delightful Chinese and Japanese cuisine, not to forget that they offer free home delivery for the entire of South Beach.

For the Kids

You might be attracted to that little green isle of grass where you could spot kids and pets which is surrounded by multiple decent cafes and ice cream shops, then you are looking at Euclid Circle. Upon the line to serve the chirpy crowd in Euclid Square is the Italian store, Gelateria Parmalat which serves deliciously flavored gelato to kids and adults alike.

Nexxt Cafe offers tables with shades for visitors enjoying fun in the sun, and they are popular for serving huge portions of breakfasts, towering sandwiches, and large main plates which could be enough to share among family members. If you hunger for a well-baked pie or pizza, Pizza Rustica would satisfy your cravings, and if you feel like having burgers with your brood with a nice family atmosphere, Johnny Rockets is the place to be with its unique 50s style theme.

HEAR this up!

Music fans all rejoice with the opening of the first concept store HEAR Music by Starbucks on Pennsylvania Avenue. Enjoy eating up deliciously served cakes and lattes as you blast your favorite music from one of the video listening stations. You could even get a modern mixtape (more like a CD) as a souvenir by saving the songs you like on a programmable magnetized card, and later getting the baristas to burn you on a CD for you to bring back from your vacation.

There might be plenty of Starbucks all over South Beach, but the HEAR music outlet is definitely the most popular among all.

South of the Border Experience

El Rancho Grande lies just south of the mall, and this is the place to head to if you are looking for a true-blue south-of-the-border experience, as they are one of the eateries that would give you the best experience you need from this friendly Tex-Mex eatery. Savor mouth-watery South Beach delights classics such as tacos, burritos, chips, spicy salsa, and margaritas, and the best part is they are all inexpensive.


Dining and Dancing

Head to a place that is active every night of the week such as the Lincoln Road Supper Club Scene. All you need to do is call them and reserve a table to enjoy the dining and dancing experience. Sushi Samba Dromo is a good place to have a dance after dinner, and they even have a sexy, popular cosplay night every Tuesday where customers come in costumes.

Cosplay is a Japanese culture of dressing up like a popular anime, manga, and pop culture character, so head to Sushi Damba Dromo and you might just win the prize for best dressed as you enjoy the beats of the DJs, Taiko drummers, and sexy geisha girls.

Enjoy haute cuisine with the mix of a high-end nightclub environment at the inner reaches of Santo. Look forward to their night parties every Wednesday night which are always done off the radar.

These are not just local entertainment as Santo always rounds up popular late-night DJs, mainstream house bands, and even Grammy Award-Winning celebrities who come to entertain unannounced, as well as appearances of pro athletes. They, howeverhave the velvet ropes policy, and you’d be lucky to make it in. The Lincoln Road sidewalks by Washington Avenue might seem like a normal-looking place to chill by day, but it becomes a popular nightspot after hours.


Visitors always enjoy the true blue South Beach dance experience, which is why the Yuca Restaurant attracts diners. At first glance, it may seem that everyone is there for the delicious Cuban cuisine, as the first floor is elegantly decorated with twinkles and candlelight with crystals all over.

Move up to the second floor on a Friday nightand you’ll get to watch new and improving salsa dancers. Visitors will be taught traditional Cuban dance moves such as the salsa by the friendly hosts from salsamia.com and when you are all ready, you can hit the high-energy dance floor at the Salsa Party on Fridays and Sundays.

After hours, when you are done dancing, join the rest of the crowd as they flock to D’Vine Hookah Lounge where they would enjoy samples from the fragrant water taps as well as delightful Mediterranean tapas.

For the ultimate South Beach Experience, Lincoln Road has it all. Whatever your vacation needs are you can always customize your experience here, might it be a cup of energizing coffee in the morning, a scrumptious lunch, or a romantic dinner in the nights away from the hot sun of Miami, there is always somewhere you can go to in Lincoln Mall.

Entertainment, Food, and Fun, all packed in one place for your convenience for the ultimate South Beach Experience, right here at Lincoln Mall.

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