Miami Beach Parking Advices.

Parking could really be a pain in the neck, especially in South Beach. Everything about parking seems to be a hassle at Miami Beach, like where to park, where to find change for the meter, or even who to call when you car gets towed for parking in the wrong spot. The list goes on and on, but there is still hope. Follow these few simple tips to save you the hassle that parking brings you during your visit to Miami Beach.

  • Tip #1: The easiest way to avoid the headache is to not bring your car at all. Miami Beach is covered with efficient transportation system.
  • Tip #2: If you insist to drive, when looking for parking, park at the places which uses the solar-powered parking meter which accepts credit card or debit card instead of change.

Transportation in Miami Beach

  • Miami Beach have one of the most efficient public transportation system as almost everywhere is covered, especially tourist attraction areas. One latest addition to the system is the bus called the “South Beach Local.
  • Besides the South Beach Local, another great transportation is the Miami-Dade MetroBus System which has over 63 separate bus route. The MetroBus is affordable for everyone, and it is one good way to enjoy Miami without the hassle of traffic or parking problems.
  • MetroBuses run Monday-Friday, 4:30am-2:13am Call 305-770-3131 for precise routes and weekend timetable.
  • Fares are $1.25 each way (exact change only)
  • Transfers: 25 cents Bus-to-Rail transfers: 50 cents includes 25-cent fare upgrade.Seniors, students and people with disabilities (grades 1 through 12 with proper identification): 60 cents all day.
  • Phone number: 305-770-3131/voice, 305-654-6530/TDD


  • MetroRail is connected to the Metrobus, and it is an efficient 22-mile rapid transit system which covers communities such as South Miami, Kendall, downtown Miami, Coral Gables, Liberty City, Brownsville, Medley in northwestern part of the country as well as Hialeah.
  • For more information, you may contact MetroRail Customer Service at:
  • Miami-Dade Transit Customer Services: 305-770-3131, like no other.

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