Hotels and Beaches to Go Topless in Miami Beach

Hotels to go Topless in Miami Beach
We suggest not going topless on Ocean Drive’s public beach from the 5th to the 26th (actress Rosie Jones in Miami)

Miami’s Beach Secrets: Unveiling the Topless and Nude Havens

Miami, a sun-drenched paradise, offers more than just a quintessential beach experience. It’s a city where the vibes of freedom and body positivity thrive under its radiant skies. For those looking to embrace the sun fully, sans the constraints of swimwear, Miami beckons with open arms and clear guidelines.

Embrace Liberation at Private Retreats

The allure of Miami Beach isn’t just its picturesque landscapes; it’s also in the privacy and luxury offered by its top-tier hotels. Places like the 1 Hotel and W South Beach extend the freedom of topless sunbathing on their secluded beaches. These spots are sanctuaries of serenity and discretion, perfect for guests who prefer a more liberated sunbathing session.

For those not nestled in the luxury of Miami’s premier resorts, the city’s public beaches still beckon with the allure of sun, sea, and sand. Yet, it’s essential to navigate these spaces with an understanding of the local beach culture, especially regarding topless sunbathing.

Ocean Drive: A Mosaic of Miami Beach Life

The vibrant stretch along Ocean Drive, while a spectacle of Miami’s diverse and lively beach scene, is not the most conducive environment for topless sunbathing. This area is a melting pot of beachgoers, including families, day tourists, and locals, making it a place where traditional beach attire remains the norm. Furthermore, in an age where smartphones are ubiquitous, some visitors have reported concerns over privacy due to unwanted photography. As such, we recommend exercising discretion and considering these factors when choosing your sunbathing spot along this bustling beachfront.

A Freedom Moment in the Crystal-Clear Waters of Haulover Beach
A Freedom Moment in the Crystal-Clear Waters of Haulover Beach

South Beach: A Haven Below 15th Street

For those seeking the freedom to sunbathe topless within a more accepting atmosphere, the area south of 15th Street on Ocean Drive offers a slice of paradise. This segment of South Beach is known for its more relaxed approach to beach attire, inviting sun-worshippers to enjoy the sun and sea without the constraints of swimwear tops. Nestled in the heart of Miami’s iconic beach culture, this area allows you to embrace the liberating experience of topless sunbathing amidst the city’s vibrant energy.

The Legendary Haulover Beach: A Nudist’s Utopia

A short journey north from the bustling streets of Miami Beach will lead you to the serene expanse of Haulover Beach, (the S and 120 buses go there). Renowned for its clothing-optional policy, Haulover provides a haven for those looking to fully embrace nudity in a welcoming and inclusive setting. The beach’s northern section is dedicated to nude sunbathing, attracting a diverse crowd that celebrates freedom and body positivity. Whether you choose to go completely nude or prefer topless sunbathing, Haulover Beach offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and the community in the most natural state.

In navigating Miami’s beaches, it’s all about finding the spot that aligns with your comfort and expectations. From the family-friendly vibrancy of Ocean Drive to the liberating sands of Haulover Beach, Miami caters to every preference, ensuring your beach day is exactly as you envision it.

Nude Beach Etiquette: Tips for a Respectful Adventure

Diving into the nude beach experience at Haulover, or embracing topless freedom at South Beach, comes with a set of unspoken rules to ensure everyone’s comfort:

Respect privacy: Always maintain a respectful distance from others.
Photography is a no-go: To protect everyone’s right to privacy, refrain from taking pictures.
Towel etiquette: Whether lounging or sitting, place a towel underneath you.
Maintain decorum: Remember, Miami’s beaches are welcoming to families, so keep interactions respectful and appropriate.

Miami’s beaches offer a spectrum of experiences, from the exclusive sanctuaries of private hotel beaches to the communal openness of Haulover Beach. This city celebrates the human form in all its diversity, providing spaces where everyone can find their slice of paradise. So pack your sunscreen (and perhaps a little less clothing) and let Miami’s shores redefine your beach experience.

So, are you ready? Let’s go!


W South Beach’s private beach paradise


Located on the 22nd floor near Collins Park, the W South Beach Hotel offers sweeping ocean views and easy city access. Designed by architect Costas Kondylis, rooms are angled for optimal sea views, complete with glass balconies. Luxuries include two plasma TVs, Cipollino marble baths, and advanced tech amenities. After a beach day, unwind and gear up for a vibrant night out.

W South Beach ★★★★★
Average Price: $499/night
2201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

The 1 Hotel South Beach-private-beach
The 1 Hotel South Beach-private-beach


Nestled on Collins Avenue, The 1 Hotel South Beach boasts sleek and sophisticated designs, harmoniously paired with breathtaking ocean vistas. This luxurious retreat, originally from New York’s Meatpacking District, has made a grand splash in Miami Beach, truly embodying the spirit of the Sunshine State. Across 18 floors, 334 spacious rooms await, all equipped with top-notch amenities. Dive into a sun-kissed experience unlike any other.

1 Hotel South Beach ★★★★★
Average Price: $799/night
2341 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

The Miami Beach Edition private beach


An urban oasis, Miami Beach EDITION offers 294 rooms and bungalows merging sleek design with luxury, including gourmet minibars, 46-inch LCD TVs, and marble bathrooms with exclusive Le Labo products. Dive into ocean-view pools, catch a film at the outdoor cinema, bowl, ice skate, or groove at the nightclub. Fitness buffs have a dedicated center, and foodies will revel in dishes by Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the signature restaurant.

The Miami Beach Edition ★★★★★
Average Price: $649/night
2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

The private beach at Nautilus Sonesta Miami
The private beach at Nautilus Sonesta Miami


This chic 1950s-era oceanfront hotel in Miami features a pool embraced by cabanas, a spa, and an on-site restaurant. Wander to the vibrant South Beach district in just 10 minutes. Each stylish room is accentuated with dark wood and leather, with select rooms offering balconies boasting ocean, pool, or city views. The trail to South Beach and the poolside ambiance are utterly captivating! Nautilus with its Cabana Club could be a definitive choice for your topless. This is a «Party Hotel» at the weekend so if you want a quiet break this is not for you.

Nautilus Miami Beach ★★★★
Average Price: $300/night
1144 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

The private beach at The Betsy
The private beach at The Betsy


The Betsy Hotel in Miami Beach stands out: A refined Southern Belle amidst vibrant Art Deco neighbors. Located on Ocean Drive’s serene end, its Georgian facade and grand porch echo the Deep South rather than the bustling South Beach. Right off the lobby is the renowned BLT Steak by Chef Tourondel. Born in 1942 as the Betsy Ross, its 2009 transformation into The Betsy unveiled a refreshing new look.

The Betsy ★★★★★
Average Price: $300/night
1144 Ocean Drive, South Beach

The Standard from the Sky
The Standard from the Sky


Note: No private beach access – The Standard’s spa in Miami Beach oozes allure. André Balazs transformed motels in L.A. into hotspots and did the same magic with this iconic spa. Situated on a serene South Florida islet, just a quick hop from Ocean Drive’s hustle, The Standard Miami Beach offers an idyllic retreat. Pop in for a rejuvenating massage or scrub, then immerse yourself in the nightlife. South Beach always offers a story, and here, you’re the author.

The Standard Miami ★★★★
Average Price: $290/night
40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach

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