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You’ll never feel alone in Miami Beach!

Miami Beach, the World’s Most Spectacular Beach! The water is warm and the waves adequate enough but it’s the hedonistic excess that keeps a wildly international crowd flocking to South Beach year after year. It’s called the American Riviera for a reason. South Beach is a non-stop party … morning, noon, and night. Lights from the beautiful Art Deco hotels and bars along Ocean Drive bathe the streets, sidewalks, and sand in a pleasing neon glow. Luxury shops, boutiques, and gourmet restaurants are just a flip-flopped leap from the water.

Beautiful tourists, Celebrity and locals stroll along the water’s edge in next to nothing. If it’s a party you’re after this spring, South Beach is always ready. And the best thing about spring in SoBe? The weather … not too hot, not too cold, it’s just right. Let’s go now to read some interesting notes about Miami Beach. Miami’s geographical and cultural position brings a unique flavor to the great American tradition of cosmopolitan life.

The largest city of the southern United States, it has become in many ways the northernmost city of South America Up in the gleaming glass and steel skyscrapers of the banking and business districts, the city provides a vital link in financial relations between North and South America. Down in the streets, the smells and sounds of Miami may recall the delicatessens and supper clubs of New York and New Jersey, strong Cuban coffee and cigars and perhaps the exotic beat o Haitian chants. This is the place where the sun spends the winter, a subtropical haven that never seen the snow. Even in January, the coolest month, thermometer average around 74° Fahrenheit, while the trade winds temper the summer highs. With a good hat and the right lotions, you can enjoy this town all year round. The city stands at the mouth of the Miami River on the shore of Biscayne Bay.

Relaxes along the beach of Miami Beach!

Relaxes along the beach of Miami Beach!

Greater Miami’s metropolitan area comprises 27 municipalities, which sprawl between the mysterious Everglade swamps and the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s population tops two million-almost half of them of Latin American and Caribbean origin. Tallahassee, photo above, runs Florida’s state government and bureaucracy, but there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that Greater Miami is the state’s major center for commerce, culture, and sheer urban bounce. For tourists, the city is most famous for the bright and breezy hotels of its resort area, Miami Beach, connected to the mainland by causeways.

But massive construction at a cost of literally billions of dollars has given a dramatic new look to the downtown district, attracting business people and shoppers, as well as traditional tourists from the beaches. Sleek office towers line Flagler Street, Biscayne Boulevard and Brickell Avenue, the Wall Street of the South. Over 200 million dollars were spent on the Southeast Financial Center alone, tallest structure south of New York and east of Houston. With the completion of the Bayside leisure complex and the ultra-modern “people- mover” (elevated train) system, the renaissance in Miami has become a reality. Yet a mere hundred years ago all was wilderness here. A handful of settlers traded with the Indians at the mouth of the Miami River, named by the Tequesta tribe to mean “Big Water”.

The pioneers lived in part by wrecking, salvaging the cargoes of ships that ran aground. They also farmed vegetables and citrus fruit for sale in northern markets. Sailing boats from Key Westphoto below,  called every fortnight, bringing news of the outside world.

To this frontier outpost came a widow from Ohio named Julia Tuttle.

Convinced of South Florida’s potential for development, she urged railway magnate Henry Flagler to expand his Florida East Coast line south to Miami. At first, the tycoon refused, but Mrs. Tuttle persisted. Finally, in 1896, the railway reached Miami. Flagler built a luxury hotel on Biscayne Bay and Miami’s course was set. The resilient city has weathered killer hurricanes and financial collapse, the panic of the 1962 missile crisis and the usual modern big-city woes of riots and drug traffic, aggravated by a new influx of Caribbean refugees in the 1980s.

White or red bikini doesn't matter in Miami Beach!

White or red bikini doesn’t matter in Miami Beach!

The Miami authorities seem now to have their problems well under control. Things are looking up for Miami Beach, too. Hugely popular in the 1920s and 30s, and again in the 50s and 60s, the resort is bounding back in favor as a new generation of holidaymakers discover the pleasures of the “Florida Riviera”, with its silver sands and swaying palms.

Preservationists are restoring the Jazz Age hotels that line Ocean Drive in the Art Deco District, designated a national historic area. And the resort palaces along Collins Avenue are undergoing extensive remodeling. The beach itself is bigger and better than before, right now is considered the best one around the world. The tide was lapping at the gateposts of the oceanfront hotels when the United States Army Corps of Engineers created a new strand stretching 300 feet to the high water line. Now, as in the 20s, there’s a boardwalk by the sea.

The most chill hotel in South Beach Miami

In South Beach Miami, it is possible to stay in any type of hotel. From Boutique Hotels, which are small, have a small number of rooms and trendy designs, to the large hotel chains with more classic furniture.

We spend a lot of time to select the best hotels for each category based on position, style, charm, services and price. All our hotels are quite unique. Their design is fancy, and there’s great care for details. All of them also represent the Miami Beach’s philosophy: trendiness.

The most interesting and famous Hotels are usually found in Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. We suggest those because that way you won’t necessarily need a car. You’ll be able to walk out of the hotel and dive into SOBE’s atmosphere. One gets a nice feeling when one opens the door and feels a lot of people talking and moving.

One will never feel alone in Miami Beach. You’ll be able to dress the way you like, eat at any hour of the day, even by yourself, and no one will bother you, as you will always feel part of the community. However, we are warning you: these hotels may be noisy, with all the music and confusion out on the streets. If you have difficulty sleeping, book rooms on the back. They are usually soundproofed, but we assure you that Ocean Drive and South Beach are alive from night until the morning after.

Here the Top Three Hotels

The Setai Miami Beach

The Setai Miami Beach

A 40 story aquamarine glass tower looks directly onto the beach. Symbol of South Beach Luxury Hotels, the exterior is noted for its art deco style, inside dark shades and black granite prevails, illuminated only by light teak which creates a kind of Indonesian look. It also has junior suites which were famous in the “Dolce Vita”.

Some reviews: The 3 pools with different temperatures water were amazing, the beach service was great, the staff very friendly and polite.” “The room was excellent but most importantly the staff. They were well trained and were very helpful. This place lives up to its 5 star rating. I would compare this hotel to luxury hotels you find in Asia. The service is top notch from the moment you enter. You really feel like the staff knows you and they are very accommodating to all your requests. The food service at the pool is only till 5pm. I feel like they should extend this to 6pm.

The Setai Miami Beach is located on Collins Avenue at three blocks from the center.  Read our full review

Delano Miami Beach

It is perhaps the trendiest of South Beach. Every room and space in the Delano is a design masterpiece. Dominated by white and marble, in a sought-after minimal style. There is a pool where you can spend your day swimming or stroll around against the backdrop of music, parties, and throngs of people. Celebrities in the pool.

Alexandre at the Tides

An interesting Frederik’s review:   The Delano provides for an upscale jet-set experience by offering modern renovated and comfortable spacy rooms within a facility that have a unique art deco meets minimalist style. The entrance and lounge area are absolutely stunning. The staff was friendly and helpful with recommendations on restaurants and activities in Miami and Florida. The best part is, without a doubt, the pool area in the precious garden, where one can relax in a comfortable lounge chair. Again, the personnel is very friendly and does its utmost best to accommodate guest requests. The adjacent beach is nice and quiet and allows you to get into another relaxing mode, as the set-up of the lounge chairs is more private than at the pool. The food in the restaurant was very good, but also quite pricy.

There were limited parking facilities, either a $42 valet parking option (per day) or looking for parking in South Beach yourself. The pillows on the bed were too hard and 4 pillows of similar comfort were offered, so no options. The pool area was great in the mornings, but the music in the afternoons was different and very loud, which made it uncomfortable at times to really unwind. We headed to the beach in order to escape the noise but had to pay $25 for an umbrella (whilst for free at the pool).”

Delano is located on Collins Avenue at walking distance from the center. Read our full review

Tides South Beach

(Unfortunately closed after the Irma’s damages) – This is a very particular hotel in Ocean Drive. Someone has started to define the Tides as about the sexiest place you could hope to stay in Miami. The hotel was redesigned in 2007 by renowned decorator Kelly Wearstler.  “Very nice and clean hotel. Big rooms. Nice position and nice people. The best in Ocean Drive.” They are working to repair the damages with an opening date in late 2019.

This hotel is located on Ocean Drive in the heart of South Beach. Read our full review 

Hotels in Miami Beach on Map? Sure!

Inside Miami Beach

Important Advice: Do you have a car?

If you have a car, a valet will take your car from the front of the hotel and park it. However, they are usually quite expensive. On the other hand, timed parking spaces are available with nighttime fees halfway through Washington Avenue between the 11th and the 12th, or in Collins Avenue between the 5th and the 6th. There are also expensive sheltered private parking spaces, scattered around Collins Avenue.

Every day there is a party in Miami Beach!

Every day there is a party in Miami Beach!

We suggest renting a bike between the 5th and Washington if you’re planning to stay in South Beach Miami. We suggest locking it well and leave it indoors especially designed for hotel guests. If you’re renting an apartment, we suggest putting it in your room.

Do not leave your car in residents-only parking spaces or timed (which use multiples of two hours), because in South Beach fines and car towing are very common practices. The classic, largest and most historical hotels with Cuban background are found in Collins Avenue from the 15th on. They provide all kinds of comforts and some of them are very famous. Most rooms offer an ocean view, swimming pool, fitness area, spa, restaurants, and other services. There are lots of them until North Beach and Bal Harbour.

Up north, one may also find cheap, beach-side motels. There are also various skyscraper hotels, especially in the financial part of Miami Downtown, in front of the Miami Harbour. They are all part of various hotel chains and are suggested for quick stops or business meetings.

10 Best Things to see in Miami Beach

1) The New World Symphony
Founded by Michael Tilson Thomas, one of the world’s most renowned artistic directors, the New World Symphony commemorated its grand opening on the final week of January.

It was celebrated with a festivity event on the gala evening of 29th January with rows of performances as well as the premiere showing of particularly custom-made video art which accompanied the exhibition which featured Mussorgsky’s pictures.

The New World Symphony campus boasts a futuristic look which was designed by Frank Gehry and it features a grand concert hall with 756 seats, and this was where the gala event was held.

A stirring feature of this new architecture definitely has to be the 7,000-square-foot outer walls which is actually a double for a gigantic mega-screen equipped with high end technology sound system to cater to the public in a live simulcast that can we watched and heard from outside for free in the West 8 designed park that faces the screen.

Miami Beach City Hall located at 1130 Washington Avenue

Miami Beach City Hall located at 1130 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach

2) Miami Beach Cinematheque
Founded and captained by avid movie aficionado, Dana Keith, the Miami Beach Cinematheque, also known as the MBC was once established in a small storefront at Española Way. Now, the MBC is about to stir up the Miami cinema scene by presenting an interesting, innovative and wacky style films to the shores of South Beach.

It is making its move to freshly furbished momentous Miami Beach City Hall located at 1130 Washington Avenue as it’s new nerve center. The 75-seater screening room offers an artistic and unique environment which was brought to life by interior designer Jeffrey Barone from Bonafide Design, as well as architect Scott Weinkle, the MBC would not only feature movie screenings but they also boast a library and a bookshop.

It also has an exhibition room which was opened with infrequent photos from the teamwork of Hollywood photographer, Frank Worth with Rudolf Budja Gallery. The MBC will be holding a ‘Made-In-Miami- Movie-Tour’ which will focus on the account of Miami’s film scene.

3) Miami International Art Fair (MIA)
Located at the Miami Beach Convention Center, where the original Art Basel was first set in, art enthusiasts who missed the last Art Basel can rejoice with the second time, once a year edition of Miami’s latest art festival or fair. This time around, there would be over a total of 1,200 established and the up and coming artists to feature their works as well as 73 exhibitors.

The Miami International Art Fair this year will center on contemporary, up to date and modern art as well as usage of various new media and installations. One of the highlights is Colombian artist, Claudia Hakim who’s forte is using industrial parts to come up with art pieces, such as the floating steel curtains which was custom-made for the fair.

4) 1111 Lincoln Road

Planned and designed by world renowned Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron, this establishment without walls on the ground level as well as a concrete parking construction towering up to seven levels demands attention as well as the domicile to a few of Lincoln Road’s finest establishments.

Lynn at the 1111 Lincoln Road

Some of the popular and hip places here are the Nespresso café, the Brazilian style boutique Osklen, the Italian boutique Coltorti (which is the only one boutique branch outside of Italy), and the elegant fusion of book store and art gallery called the Taschen.

But nothing compares to the Alchemist, owned by curators and founders Erika and Roma Cohen. The Alchemist is a fashion and jewelry boutique which has the unique architectural feature of ‘floating’ display glass boxes in the middle of concrete columns which was designed by AIA award-winning architect, Rene Gonzales.

5) British Establishments
There are plenty of English influences in South Beach, Miami and these British businesses are doing very well in the mix of Miami’s subtropical climate, with the likes of the Balans on Lincoln Road doing so well, as well as the contemporary English-Chinese diner, Hakkasan, located inside the Fontainebleau hotel. One of the most admired and well received British Imports in Miami, however, has to be the Soho Beach House, located not too far south from the Fontainebleau hotel.

It is situated inside the aged Art Deco Sovereign Hotel and a tower constructed recently right next to it. Garnished with vivid Cuba tiled floors as well as fresh tropical furnishings, this clubhouse holds 50 guest rooms and many other amenities such as the Cecconi’s restaurant, a Cowshed spa, and a uniquely themed Cuba café ala the 1940s. The Soho Beach House might be a private club but hotel guests get to roam the premises.

6) Spa Scenes

There is nothing more relaxing and able to enhance your experience than the spa scene in Miami. Your first choice has to be the popular spa located in the Standard Hotel which is popular with its open-air massage concept. If you would like to experience unique spa experience, being indulged in a cocoon-like spa room with an overlooking Murano chandelier and a floating library to cater to your reading needs, the spa at the Viceroy Miami is the place to head to.

With a full-day ticket you are given full access to Acqualina Resort & Spa  with various therapies ranging from ayuverdic to scent, touch and sound with over 40 classes. Fans of soulcycle could take it up at Mondrian Hotel as it is the only place with Soulcycle classes available out of New York.

7) Hip eatery
Located in Coconut Grove, the triple treat of the restaurant made happen by Jonathan Eismann, is the place to go if you are sick of the entire big and glamorous dinner scene and want to opt for something more local and not flocked by tourists. The Spartico, Mayfair Hotel and Spa just recently opened but are already known to serve the best pizzas in Miami (305.779.5100).

Gigi serves Asian fast food delights such as the famous pork belly and tempura eggplant. It is located in the hippest part of the city which is right under Miami’s Design District in midtown.

They might serve Asian cuisine, but the talents behind Gigi are local chef Jeff McInnis and owner, Amir Ben-Zion. In uptown MiMo (Miami Modern) lies the Red Light which serves Caribbean and New Orleans cuisine whipped up by Chef Kris Wessel in a 1950s themed motel like eatery.

8) Coral Gables
Coral Gables is full of magnificent architectural structures and designs that would just amaze your eyes. George Merrick, the founder of Coral Gables found and developed this place in the 1920s which covers a huge 12-square-mile deliberated area of houses and community buildings, especially ones from the Spanish Colonial design.

One of the familiar sights at Coral Gables is the Biltmore Hotel.

The attraction of Coral Gables are the likes of the themed villages from various cultures like the 18th Century of France and the French Normandy, Dutch, Chinese, Florida Pioneer and South African. The place is also garnished by beautiful fountains and stunning plazas as well as complex Venetian swimming pool.

With a free map provided by the City of Coral Gables, you are able to explore the city by yourself.

9) Bal Harbour
Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Hermes, Versace, Cartier – all of these giant names of the fashion world are all packed into one glamorous shopping center located in this retail prodigy at the far north of Miami – the Bal Harbour Shops. Besides the alluring outlets in the mall, Ball Harbour hosts various festivities and events all the time ranging from book reading programs, art exhibitions, musical concerts, beach nights and movie marathons – all for free!

Alena at the Bal Harbour

All you have to do is check the lively schedule of theirs to find out what is up and coming.

10) Sunset Time
Now what is a South Beach vacation without the sunset? There are perfect spots to catch the sundowner time almost all over of Miami. Book a waterside table at Smith & Wollensky located in South Pointe Park as you watch the ultimate sunset while sipping a cocktail and enjoying the majestic orange skies with yachts and ships complimenting the seas.

11) Calle Ocho. This famous center point, which spans 30 blocks, is the most important
commercial road in Little Havana and represents the emotional heart of Cuban exile. The liveliest stretch sits between 11th and 17th Avenue; this main strip is scattered with monuments such as the eternal flame, honoring the members of the 2506 Brigade who, in 1961, with support from the U.S., died in an attempt to invade Cuba to overthrow the communist regime introduced by Fidel Castro.

The locals meet here every year on April 17th to commemorate this event. The original El Crédito Cigar Factory is close to the intersection between Calle Ocho and 11th Avenue. Opened in Havana in 1907, it was later moved to Miami in 1968.

The pavement is embedded with a number of stars bearing the names of famous Latin Americans, including Julio Iglesias, Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan, in a tropical version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Miami Metrozoo

Located to the south of Miami, it is renowned as an enormous artistic zoo housing more than 700 animals, which are separated from visitors by a number of simple ditches.

Covering 116 hectares, the Metrozoo offers everything the family needs for an enjoyable and entertaining day out: animal shows, tram and monorail rides, souvenir shops, food stalls and a playground.

Mariana enjoys the Miami Sunset!

Considered one of the top zoos in the country, it has received numerous awards for its breeding of rare and endangered species. Its main attractions include gorillas, Malayan bears and white Bengal tigers. Strongly suggested.

Fairchild Tropical Garden

This magnificent, 33-hectare botanical garden is buried deep in the south of Coral Gables.

It contains a remarkable collection of palm trees (one of the largest in the world) as well as other varieties and exotic plants like the sausage tree (Kigelia Africana).

Founded in 1938, the Fairchild Tropical Garden it is also considered an important institution in the field of botanical research. It is positioned around 11 artificial lakes and gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the use of botanical plants in the medical and perfume industries.

Other popular spots to enjoy your sunset is the Sunset Lounge at the Mondrian South Beach Hotel Residences where you will overlook the skyline of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay at 1100 West Avenue. For more extreme measures, rent a sky plane at Miami Sky Plane and fly off into the sunset just like the scenes you see in the movies.

Miami Here We Come