Mondrian Miami.

Comments and advices from our Guests: 1) Perfect example of “trying too hard“. Looks good from far but when you get in, everything goes wrong…..Showers leak water in the room, Horrible service… rude and arrogant staff, flies all over the breakfast bar..rude bartenders in the lobby (tip is added automatically???) … food at Asia de cuba nothing like other cities quality…. JUST A BIG MISTAKE to stay there… My little vacation was turned into a Horrible experience and completely ruined by lack of meeting “any” expectation you may have from a Mondrian Hotel….

2) The design is great and fresh, it feels more quiet then the ocean sides for whom loves a bit of privacy.
The pool is really nice, and you can enjoy a great sunset.
The food is very average, but who cares 😉
The Agua spa feels amazing 🙂
Just enjoy …


3) Do you remember the song that goes “Living in her plastic world She is a plastic girl”…. well, that’s the feel I had as soon as I entered the hotel. There is a big picture of a plastic doll at the entrance and in every room, the hotel furniture, even the columns, are made of plastic: it could be fun for an hour at the bar, but after a day it becomes very irritating. The restaurant Asia de Cuba is really not worth the price, and the dining experience surrounded by plastic not a pleasant one. The hotel has no beach (it faces the bay) and even if I was told I could use the Delano’s beach, I was charged 20$ for each chair and umbrella. If you add the taxi fare of 20$ return an excursion to the beach will cost a couple 80$. Some say that the pool area is great: I disagree.

On the plus side I booked a large room with balcony facing the bay and the views were spectacular.

4) The bathrooms make NO sense! small, and no area to put your stuff down… The room is nice, but not worth it.
The pool area is great though…Go at night.

5) Amazing Caipirinhas at the pool lounge.

Check Rates, like no other.

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