Nemo for Sunday brunch!

What our Guests say: 1) In front of other famous and glamour Restaurant in Miami, the Prime, Nemo offers good food, nice ambience (outdoor also).
I remember a great duck and beef spicy salad.

2) Amazing seabass,perfect lobster, and sweaty ousters.
Try cucumber gazpacho!
Thank’s guys,keep rollin!

3) Very noisy inside, and rushing to close the place at midnight

4) Good for lunch.

5) Go for sunday brunch! Its buffet style with great selection, meats, pastas, veggies, salad, sushi… lots of fun things & a land of desserts!

6) Have the spicy beef salad!

7) Great food and people watching!

8) Nemo has an amazing spicy thai beef salad starter, and the wine list is good. Great ambience, too., like no other.

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