Snorkeling at the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys, has always known as a destination south of Miami Beach, are long an underwater paradise of the most famous in the world to be explored in all its virtues marine.

The Keys are famous for two main points: the emerald water pure and transparent and for the coral reef among the longest in world.

A very breathtaking spectacle for fans and lovers of nature.

One of the sport is the one most widely used set of Snorkeling where with just a mask – with a mouthpiece – you can swim Surface water and watch the shows that only colorful seabed of the Keys has to offer.

We recommend off course to obtain all the safety equipment you can find on-site at the many companies that offer Snorkeling. With some of them you can rent as there and you must take advantage of the many packages of several days to explore assisted in various areas fully.

For fans of diving, you can also achieve the certificates in order to immerse with diving cylinders and then stay to enjoy the sea floor at all the local fish specialties. In a few days you can have the certification required for this purpose.

We always suggest to be followed by specialized personnel and professional offering maximum security.

Finally, due to the minimum depth of different areas, you can dive without tanks with equipment that provide air board the boat. This type of solution is also given to children from 8-10 years on, no need for special technical conditions and ensure full enjoyment of the many species of fish, corals and sea views that you can see in the world.

If you are in Miami Beach, we do not recommend a tour of a single day to Snorkeling in the Keys. It takes about 3 hours of car and other time to board, reaching the area and then return back.

We recommend staying on the spot in one of our hotels we selected and enjoy lobsters, shrimp and crabs for dinner in many restaurants right in front of the sea., like no other.

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