The Pelican Hotel by Renzo Rosso

In Miami Beach, there are many hotels for you to choose from whether high-end hotels or other hotels that would suit each individual’s budget. It could be an overwhelming decision to choose from these hotels but then again it depends on your own taste and style.

However, from the many choices that one has, there is one hotel that will definitely go well with anybody’s needs and it’s called the Pelican Hotel. This is due to the interesting flamboyant and complex designs which are very similar to ‘Andy Warhol’s works of art. The fantasy-like design yet authentic and high fashion will definitely ‘awe’ each person who passes by.

The flamboyance of the Pelican Hotel is linked to the owners of the hotel who are also owners of the fashion label, Diesel: Renzo Rosso. The majority of the hotel’s surface is embossed with the company’s logo and that will definitely ensure that people are aware of the hotel’s origin.

The Pelican Hotel can be a little over the edge with the design and style of their rooms, where every single room has a certain backdrop that looks like one of Diesel’s advertising shoots. One can choose from many themes of rooms which include ‘Born in the Stars and Stripes’ where every single detail in the room is inspired by American star and stripe designs.

There is also the room called ‘Psychedelic (ate) Girl’ with the theme of the sixties era, it has vibrant tie-dyes colors, while the most popular room of all is the ‘Whorehouse’ where the theme is flowing with sex appeal and one can only think of dirty thoughts when you’re in this room as somehow the room makes you feel like you’re in a brothel instead.

There are also room themes that the Pelican Hotel offers which will definitely suit anyone’s taste especially those with family members tagging along. The themes range from ‘Power Flower’ which is super girlish, the ‘Art Deco’ theme is for those with a taste of Miami arts, ‘White’ theme is for any individual who would prefer a simple room with pure relaxing color and not to forget the executive suite with ‘Zebra’ theme which the room features leather furniture’s and decorations.

If one is in search of a hotel that fits individuality, then the Pelican Hotel is definitely the hotel to opt for.

Pelican Hotel’s in-house restaurant is really interesting as it does not try to imitate the trend of Miami, as it’s quite casual. The bar is quite a relaxing place to be, unlike other clubs surrounding Miami.

The Pelican Hotel unquestionably stands in a different league compared to other hotels in Miami Beach and it is definitely interesting and captivating, all at the same time.

In conclusion, this hotel is very cool but would need restoration in some rooms and ambiance. You can see it here.

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