SoBe is among the world’s trendiest cities!

A lot of the hot items you’ll find in the world’s boutiques are born in South Beach. Along with New York, London and Paris, it is probably the place with the most say on tomorrow’s fashion.

In SOBE people usually dress casual and summer-like during the day, especially on the beach and when tanning. Bikinis, jeans, and wraparound skirts are more than sufficient for the whole day.

Usually girls wear the top of the bikini with a wraparound skirt around the waist, open on one side, and with simple sandals on their feet. Jeans skirts and micro shorts are usually worn. We advise against wearing heels and dark clothes during the day.

For men we suggest wearing knee-long swimming suits, and short t-shirts around the waist.

Every night in South Beach, people will take a lot of care into dressing up and preparing for parties, restaurant evenings, in clubs or for festivities. All women wear high heels, usually tied up to their calf, they wear the latest trend jeans, tied with foulards, light dresses with uncovered shoulders and back. You’ll see from one colour fashion dresses, to a combination of trendy styles of today. The hair is usually loose, straightening is fashionable, however in chic places tied up hair is suggested.

In Ocean Drive you’ll be able to find various fashion houses, some of them very famous such as Cavalli, Versace, Gucci and Hugo Boss.

Fashion items are easily found here. Some famous brands likeRalph Lauren, Emporio Armani and Nike can be found in Collins Avenue between the sixth and the thirteenth. The most extreme boutiques may be found in Washington Avenue. They possess the most innovative, weird and self-centered items. You’ll also find nice jeans, shoes and gay-fashion clothes.

Some Pret-a-porter boutiques can be found in Lincoln Road.They have middle class brands, usually Italian, such as Victoria’s Secret, some second-hand shops and night dresses, and finally some current art shops.

In order to find the latest trends, we suggest the center of Bal Harbour, north of Miami Beach. You’ll find all the world’s most famous brands: Gucci, Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Zegna, Prada, Armani, Valentino, Versace, Cavalli and many more.

There are also good restaurants. The atmosphere is multi-dimensional but always elegant. We suggest adequate clothing. It takes about 30 minutes by car to get there from South Beach. You can find here also an American Express point if you loose you card.

On the other side of the price scale are Bayside and Downtownon the harbor.

There are lots of shops, especially sport outlets, huge chains, shoe shops and more. It is a commercial center with a nice atmosphere, fronting the sea, with a care for details, music, entertainment and more. A must-stop.

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