W in South Beach, a sweet hotel.

What our Guests say: 1) Fantastic kings suites with balcony and ocean view … just the best in Miami South beach love It!

2) Great for holding meetings….service and food were excellant. Restaurant for lunch is fantastic. They have a private room that you can reserve which comfortably seats 10. Only watchout is when picking rooms to hold meetings do not choose Studio 1…it is adjacent to 2 entrances (one being the garbage) and extremly noisy.

3) This is one sweet hotel!

4) Truly unbelievable.

5) How is the service there? Hopefully better than the ones in NYC…which were in line with the likes of Holiday Inn with regards to personnel and the service they delivered. Actually interrupted a lower level floor manager and a house keeper from enjoying a televised basketball game together! Needless to say i asked for a complete bedding change!!!

6) Simply the best in South Florida.

7) Impressive.

8) Fantastic suites, restaurant Mr Chow, living room bar and poolside bar, forget Delano.

9) Wonderful hotel.

InsideMiamiBeach.com, like no other.

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