To do list in South Beach day by day.

Comments and advices from our Guests: Monday: Probably the slowest day in Miami. The newly opened Segafredo Espanola Way on 500 Espanola is a great place on Mondays to have dinner and drinks. Very good food, nice crowd and a fabulous terrace at Espanola Way. One of my favorite places … very cozy and nice to sit outside.

When it comes to clubbing Tantra is the only place where there is sth happening on Mondays..
I don´t really like it there..


The party week starts in Miami on Tuesday.

Don´t miss Hotel Delano from around 10pm on. From like midnight go downstairs to Florida Room which ist he club of the Delano. There´s also great live music starting at around 10pm.

From midnight on it turns into a club. From there move on to Louis at Hotel Gansevoort or Mokai just across the street .. or both 😉

Dinner at Vita. After dinner it´s very nice to have a drink at the bar there and around midnight the lounge in the back opens. Vita on Wednesdays is one of my favorites for the whole week.

Don´t miss it – great place, nice crowd. Good to go around 1030 to 11pm.
Afterwards either Rokbar just across the street or Hedkandi.

On Thursdays the rooftop of otel Gansevoort ist a very nice place from like 11pm on.

Also Bankcroft on 15th Collins catches up and gets really busy and good. Earlier Segafredo Brickell (very nice place, good for dinner and drinks, also a nice club with great DJ in the back – local crowd, many South Americans.. very nice atmosphere) … By far the best club on Thu is Mynt from 1pm on.


Hotel Mondrian from around 10 pm on (very nice pool area, good music, crowd was better couple of weeks ago but still ok); Segafredo Brickell again is also very nice on Fridays.

Clubs: Myntt, Set and the new place at the W hotel.. Club Wall..

Pool and Spa at Standard Miami. Nice place to have dinner in Brickell is restaurant Dolores. Bar and Club LIV at hotel Fontainbleau at night. Also Mynt and Set.

Very nice pool party at hotel Mondrian. A must on Sunday from around 2pm on.

Also a new pool party at the rooftop of the Gansevoort. Definitely worth checking out too. If you like the little more trashy option go to Shore Club.. lots of cheap (but sometimes really good) looking girls running around the pool in highheels and mini bikinis.

And to drink your beer or champagne you don´t even have to get out of the pool 😉

At night Segafredo on Lincoln is always a nice place to have a drink and one of the few places on Lincoln Rd where the majority of the people are locals.

The tourists are most of the times already caught at other places when walking the way up from Washington Av. Sunday it´s the place to be. Gets packed from 10pm on. All tables occupied and a lot of people having drinks on the street while waiting for a table.

Afterwards club Set .. very good crowd, great DJ. Best day to go to Set. 
If you want to have dinner first – Meat Market, Sushi Samba and if you like Italian Tiramisu are probably the only places I´d recommand you to eat on Lincoln. Great food also at Segafredo Espanola Way what is when it comes to quality and atmosphere by far my favorite to sit and have a drin kor lunch/dinner.


The new restaurant Solea at W hotel is also a great place. Besides that when it comes to higher end dining try Prime 112, Philip at Gansevoort and Asia de cuba at Mondrian.

You can´t go wrong with this weekly schedule., like no other.

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