Where to Stay in Miami?

By updated on October 15, 2020

You can’t feel alone in Ocean Drive


The Heart of Miami Beach!
Note: if you haven’t time to read, go to the quick comparison. We decided to write Where to Stay in Miami to help visitors to find the right place. Are you Ready? Choose Ocean Drive if you are a nightlife fan or you really like to be in the middle of the crowd always. Very exciting! Everything in Ocean Drive from the 5th to the 15th street is open almost 24 hours a day. You are in front of the Ocean, with a thousand people walking into the street. You have the beach in front of you and in a couple of blocks, you can reach the clubs in Washington Avenue for a sparkling night or the romantic Lincoln Road for a passion dinner!

The most important hotel in Ocean Drive is without any doubts, the Villa Casa Casuarina****, former Versace’s mansion, a property who opens up like a scene from One Thousand and One Nights. The layout is reminiscent of a Moroccan riad: 10 suites set around an interior courtyard with a fountain, carved wood doors, and intricate tiling. Really amazing. Just a few blocks ahead there is the Betsy***** in a pure Art Decò style. Very romantic! If you want to sleep on the history, you can’t miss the Avalon*** frequented by Humphrey Bogart on the ’30. It would need some restoration. It’s not a luxury one, but really full of history.

If you prefer a quiet area and saving some bucks, choose a Hotel in Ocean Drive from the 1st to 5th street as the Century ***,  The Local House****, Lord Balfur****, and the Bentley***

Stay in Ocean Drive if you really love the sparkling atmosphere.


  • Emotional Area
  • Crazy people all the time
  • Historical Hotels
  • Shopping, Restaurants (not the best), Nightlife
  • Easy access to the beach
  • Feel good
  • You do not need a car: you can simply walk or rent a bike

  • Noisy area
  • Few real Luxury Hotels
  • Parking is really a nightmare. Valet service is available.
  • Very easy to get a ticket
  • No private beach

1 – Versace Mansion | 5 Stars | Fairy

Art Deco Betsy Hotel

2 – The Betsy | 5 Stars | Romantic

Victor Ocean Drive

3 – Victor South Beach | 4 Stars | Chic

Clevelander Hotel Sunset

1 – Clevelander | 3 Stars | Crazy

2 – Avalon | 3 Stars | Historical

3 – Lord Balfour | 4 Stars | Romantic

Casa Grande Suite Ocean Drive Miami

1 – Casa Grande | Condo Hotel | Cool

2 – Suites | Suites | Art Deco Style

3 – Flats | Flat | Fat Tuesday Club


Collins Avenue is the main street in Miami Beach. You can start from South Beach and continue to go ahead until Bal Harbour and over. In this avenue, you can find some of the most historical Luxury Hotels and important Condos in Miami Beach.

They are usually placed looking at the ocean between the 16th to the 41st street with private beach, immense pools with parties all the time, raffinate Spas and a lot of facilities. That’s the best choice if you are a luxury fan if you love to stay apart from the crown, be relaxed at a few steps from the private beach.

Please note that in this part of Miami Beach – on the other side of Collins Ave without the ocean view – you can find some cheap hotels – something like a 1/2 Star or bedroom with few facilities. Suggested only if you’re in a small budget.

Finally, where the avenue born, between the 5th to the 15th,  there are some Fashionable Hotels usually frequented by young people as the Whitelaw Hotel or the Viscay. You are not in front of the ocean but behind Ocean Drive. With a few steps, you’ll have a public beach, restaurants, shopping, and clubs on Washington Avenue. So everything – ocean view apart – is close to you. The price of these hotels is interesting always. They are not luxury but well-positioned if you hate to have a car!

Stay in Collins Avenue if you prefer a quiet area or if you love the luxury life.


  • Luxury and Fashionable Hotels with pool party
  • Its’ a quiet street to stay (from the 15th street)
  • Iconic Luxury Hotels: National, Fontainebleau
  • Famous stores and good restaurants on this street
  • Private Beach is always included in the Luxury Hotels
  • A car is suggested if you want to move easily

  • Cold atmosphere respect to Ocean Drive
  • Without car require walking a lot
  • Some Historical Hotels are a little old
  • There aren’t shopping areas

1 – The Setai | 5 Stars | Amazing

Delano Miami Beach

2 – Delano | 5 Stars | Fashionable

Pool W South Beach

3 – W South Beach | 5 Stars | Fashionable

1 – 1 Hotel | 3 Stars | Historical

Pool Z Ocean Hotel

2 – Z Ocean | 3 Stars | Cool

Dream Hotel Suite

3 – Dream South Beach | 4 Stars | Romantic

1 – Madison | Suite | White Style

2 – Amethyst | Apt | Swimming Pool

3 – Ocean Grand | Residence | Ocean View


In the last 20 years, Miami has built a downtown area often renamed Brickell Key – completely renovated – that will take your breath away. Downtown Miami and the financial district have an Ocean waterfront lined with marinas and the famous port of Miami where the most important cruising take off and you can admire off-shore islands both natural and artificial with very rich quartiers and all backed by impressive new towers.

While Downtown Miami may be the oldest part of the city and its undisputed historical center, right now is the most advanced urban area in the entire Miami keeping up with times and is a modern, culturally rich neighborhood full of theaters, museums, galleries, event venues and a surplus of world-class bars and restaurants.

Regarding the Hotel on where you’ll stay in Miami, if you are a luxury fan, this could be your paradise. The famous hotel chains in the world have a property in this area and luxury here is not optional. All of them have an ocean view with a lot of facilities and elegant environments.

Choose Downtown if you are an active person who likes a culturally rich neighborhood full of theaters, museums, galleries, and world-class restaurants.


  • Luxury Hotels with Spas and treatment
  • Exciting cultural area
  • Financial District
  • Famous stores and very good restaurants
  • Few steps from events, theaters, museums
  • Is not mandatory to have a car
  • At evening become a fairy tale

  • Feeling to be less in vacation respect to the beach
  • You haven’t the beach but different pools
  • It’s not an Art Decò ambiance

1 – Four Season | 5 Stars | Amazing

2 – Mandarin | 5 Stars | Asian-inspired

W Hotel Pool Miami

3 – W Miami | 5 Stars | Cool

1 – Mint House | Swimming Pool | WiFi

2 – Fortune House | Pool | WiFi

3 – @39 Brickell | Pool | WiFi

1 – Real Living | Pool | WiFi

2 – Wynwood Place | Family Rooms | WiFi

3 – Wow! 2mins | WiFi | Netflix

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