Casa Tua: Italian restaurant in Miami.

What our Guests say: 

1) Casa Tua through Micky had impossed in its short life a differentstyle for enjoy foods. Fantastic atention and gordeous decoration, is my favorite place in one of my favorites cities.


3) Fantastic restaurant and also the best small hotel of Miami.

4) Atmosphere, service and location is indeed nice, the wine selection is way overpriced, and while the food is fine it is not a place to go unless you are on expense account, prepare to pay 150 a person !!

5) It has the best and the worst of everything to offer….daylight robbery and snobbery in awesome locale.


6) The BEST chocolate souffle ever! Hot with creme fraiche!!! yummy! Becky Chesneau.

7) A staple for classic chic, romance and charm with quality food.

8) Experience over expectations!! oustanding level of service and customer care. rooms are lovely.

9) Excellent Food, very romantic, love the garden and private club is the best place for dinner and after dinner drinks. Very good service ! One of my favorite places in Miami.

10) Best service in Miami. Ok food nice atmosphere.

11) Amazing decor, great food… the lobster risotto is delicious! one of best in miami, if rather overpriced.


12) We loved this rest: very nice atmosphere, delicious food, nice service. We hardly recommend it.

13) Great service,atmosphere and delicious food! Finally a place where you have some class and a professional service.

14) Wonderful to play backgammon there..

15) Great place. just ask for Lucio, he will take very good care of you. definetely one of the best place in town.

16) Forgettable Food ,Memorable price. Prices like DuCasse,Food like Olive Garden. Pretentious. A possible thrill for cruise ship tourists from Minneapolis.

17) Always had a consistently nice meal there. price is reasonable.

18) Excellent Food, romantic garden and very good service !

19) Very nice, just overprice…. but very nice.

20) Nice restaurant and good food for Sobe.

21) Sergio is a great chef! Great place downstairs and upstairs!

22) I love it. It is my favorite place in Miami.But I also love the private club upstairs.It is the best of good food,beautifull people and romance. 11 out of 10.

23) Great Italian food and an inviting atmosphere! If you are fortunate enough to be a member or know a member an excellent after dinner scene upstairs.


24) Nice restaurant, great service.

25) Simply the best Italian restaurant in Miami BEACH.

26) I love the idea of having a dinner inside a fancy and stylish house. Is not noisy and you feel very exclusive! Great food as well!

27) Been there many times and can be the greatest experience or the worst one. Ambience is great, the garden and private club is the best place for dinner/after dinner drinks. Sometimes they are too snobbish and think they are doing you a favor of letting you eat there. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying.

28) Nice place and nice food. Though the attitude can be arrogant some times.

29) The place!

30) Very cool.

31) Bad vibe.

32) A really alful experience! The waiter was seemed to be hiting on me all night!

33) Not the in place, food not worth it.

34) Too overpriced for what you get…service was sub-par. Try Prime 112.

35) Horrible Management, arrogant owner and just completely overpriced – better cook at home!!!

36) Definatelly, the best place in Miami. The finest food, wine selection and service. Very chic and cool. Micky is a great friend and a great host. No other Restaurant comes close to it… Best Lounge / Private Club. Great service, great food, fantastic wine selection and amzing atmosphere.


37) Best place in town and its getting better from month to month…

38) Cozy, good food and cool!!

39) Casa Tua has everything that we all want: warmth, heart, service, hipness and Great food.

40) I agree with all the coments… It’s always fantastic, the place is perfect and the service is great too. 😉

41) This place has some of the best items on it’s menu. The atmosphere is perfect for any night. The service can be stuffy at times, but ask for Ruben next time you dine there. He is great. Polite, funny, knows the menu and definitely not uptight. He will make your night even better.

42) I agree, but take care, may be is not open at lunch., like no other.

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