Be careful to wear gold chains in Miami.

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This is very urgent! I’m very nervous, so I’m sorry for mistakes.
It’s difficult to believe, but this is 100% true and I have several witnesses!

Last night I went to Hakkasan restaurant with my wife and 3 friends, after the restaurant we took a table at LIV club (two bottles minimum). They gave us a table on a first floor, we took one magnum bottle of Grey Goose vodka and one bottle of champagne. I paid for it with a debit card (signed two different slips – one “pre-authorization” and another one was for the total). We were having a good time there until some people got to the table next to us, security guy was OVER concerned about their comfort and was aggressively pushing us from “their” area even if it was a couple of centimeters and we never touched anyone or spilled anything. The final point was when I was sitting with “one leg on another”, so my shoe pointed in to direction of that table and security guy asked me to sit in a different way. I’ve asked him why is he giving me a hard time, he said that he will have “talk” with me outside.


I said ok, thinking that I can explain everything and we’ll go to the manager, he actually called other security, they kicked me out of the club, stole my US$40,000 golden chain with my father’s name on it and DG hat “MOCKBA/MOSCOW”.

Outside they called the police and said that I didn’t want to leave the private property and didn’t pay the bill. Police arrested me, didn’t want to listen to me, I came to a conclusion that they are somehow corrupted by people at LIV, because they were 100% on their side, they humiliated me and sent to jail. I had to pay 5k bail and I spent 12 hours in jail with extremely high heart rate, headache (I have severe migraine), on the floor with lots of homeless people inside (have been transferred twice), got no phone call for at least 6 hours.

I feel very bad now, my chain is very important to me, it was my father’s special gift to me, I need to close 2 cases in the court. And I would like to file a lawsuit against the hotel, nightclub and the Miami Police for many different reasons.

I need a very good lawyer with such experience in Miami. I need a lawyer to contact me ASAP, because everything is still “fresh”.

I never been arrested, I have lots of scary details about what happened that I would like to discuss with a lawyer. But even if you’re not lawyer and can’t give me a legal advice, please keep this story in mind. Bouncers in Mansion/Miami (I think same management with LIV) were arrested last year for beating up their customers. My case is not unique, but once everything is done I’ll make all details public and will make sure as much people as possible will know about it.

The majority of miami’s clubs are all the same, all out to scam you and take your money. I hope youre able to file a lawsuit against them and win so they can be seen as an example on how f-ed up the club scene is over here.

Not to belittle your experience — nor offend you in any way — but $40K chains worn by Russians in Miami tend to provoke…something.

Sorry to hear you did not enjoy your eve out in miami. if you send a text to my no +34 692 755 216 hear in spain, i’ll text you back a contact who can probably help you .

I know, I never wear it in such way (I was not even wearing it every day, it’s more like a memory thing), I had a couple of drinks and was just making fun by wearing it on top of the clothes to have it like “bling-bling”, now I understand how stupid was it, but it doesn’t justify a robbery by the security stuff at one of the most expensive clubs in Miami…

Sorry to hear that – this sort of thing is very common in Miami, Ive heard a number of similar stories over the years. Good luck disputing the charges, and for everyone else, make sure you use a reputable promotor who’ll be there to take care of you if things go awry.

Sorry for you problems.. I would contact the Fountainbleau Management directly. LIV ultimately has to answer to them.. This would be horribly bad press for the Hotel and I’m sure that would want to help you to make it go away.

I am sorry to hear that…This kind of stories proofs in what kind of a world we live today… I had a similar experience in Miami… that day I was walking in the famous shopping street with my Bvlgari watch and I was stolen it… thief was not lucky he did steal a fake one…my real bvlgari was in the safe of the hotel. The best and more secure place in world is Monaco… ladies can walk with 1M$ of jewelry on the street at night… No problem at all… Anyhow, I wish you good luck with your investigation to find it back…

I know a great lawyer in Miami I will ask him if he can take a case like that. I will see him on Monday for different problem so I will let him know. I had a friend who had a similar situation in Mansion 2 years ago, 12h in jail and 5k fee to get out.. look like you are not alone, my friend!

The nightclub will doubtless produce numerous witnesses to state that you were unruly and intoxicated etc.

Whether you were or not, that isn’t the point, this sort of thing happens all the time so the staff is well versed and will want to keep their jobs.

Similar story ono June 20 of this year at the VIP table on the stage. 1.5 hours into the night and they still made us pay the $5000 check although we didnt even get halfway through the bottles. One of my guests got kicked out because the security asked him to turn off his cigarette – my friend was visiting from Paris and barely spoke any English. He got kicked out and we couldnt even go with him to help him defend himself. Security said to stay back or they would call the police on us. He didnt lose anything but as he was getting kicked out…he felt yanking at him $22,000 watch.

I hate LIV. For those that are saying that “Miami is like that”…wrong. Im a MIAMI local and VERY familiar with the party scene for the past 10 years. LIV is a large NEW nightclub with a bad team of managers , promoters and security. NO accountability and NO attempt to keep the place to a certain standard. Things like that don’t happen at Mynt, Set or other somewhat respectable establishments (as far as respectable can be for a nightclub) unless someones behavior is trully affecting those around them (ie fighting, gropping, etc).

The security there are like a mafia……….Spread the message around

I know that it’s difficult, that’s why I’m asking on public about a good lawyer that is not only charging you money, but also can really help. I’m taking care of the criminal case (theft, I guess it will go away easy, because they are claiming I didn’t pay the bill and I can prove easy that I did), but I still want to sue the nightclub/hotel and their security personnel, I will do everything possible to get justice. After I speak with the lawyers I’ll also make sure that this story will be known and other stories like mine about this club and their security.

I’m not alone with such story, I’ll talk to journalists to make this story public, so people know how dangerous a visit to LIV can be.

Thanks everyone for support, I’ll really appreciate if you can share other similar stories about LIV.

Sad that I spent so much money in that club since they opened. I went to the opening party/victoria secret show and after-party in LIV and went there many time with lots of friends. Usually I tip the bouncer guy next to our table, so he takes care of our table, but not this time, because I was not planning to spend too much time or drink much there. I was doing it to protect me/my wife from possible problems with some drunk people around, but never thought you can be attacked by the security itself…

Aside from getting good lawyers, my suggestion is that go to the media. try to look for other victims as well, the build your story together with the rest. Expose this horrible practice in the mainstream media. Also hire a PR person to counter-act any mud-slinging from them.

Important: Don’t go for the local media ( Miami), perhaps they are also included in the “payroll” of these establishments.

At this time, we are investigating regarding this issue. We don’t suggest to spend a night to LIV Club., South Beach like no other.

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