Top Party Hotels in South Beach.

If you are looking at a perfect get away to Miami, our compilation giving a brief overview of top party-hotels at the South Beach can help. It can be relied upon as a power ranking for desirable spots to visit and experience the joy of being at the right party in South Beach. A hotel, earning enough is not dependent on housing designer bath items and fine linens, but in delivering the buzz of hippest club, friendliest of bars and trendiest of restaurants. That is the real key to success.

Top Party Hotels  mentioned here are good at capturing the gist of South Beach and its beautiful experience that includes attractive company, splendid surroundings, effortless fun and excellent service, everything under a single roof.

Having fun is elemental here, be it showing off the bare-as-you-dare attitude, or walking aloft to show off their stilettos – a dream vacation is only a few clicks away. Be it soaking beside the pool with a chilled cocktail and relaxing in the sun, surrendering to the happiness that engulfs you or just about everything else, after all the hard work you really deserve a fun-filled holiday.

Alright, let’s do it!


Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel

Huge,bright and full of life, this is Fontainebleau Resort & Spa is always abuzz with activity of South Beach. Design chosen reflects the attitude of treating every guest here, as a celebrity who is a jewel of a grand stage. Expansion taken up for a billion dollars and launched by hiring Victoria’s Secret super models, gave insight that around 1,500 suites and guest rooms are added, the sprawling area that covers 22 acres of oceanfront land.

With design reflecting top-resorts in and around Las Vegas, this hotel houses eleven restaurants and has a popular LIVE nightclub, a spa sprawling 40,000 square foot area and three hi-fi celebrity chefs. There is a beach club, six pools, a style grill resembling French Riviera named Le Côte, where the unofficial dress code is long legs, tanned skin and almost nil inhibition!

Guests are given the luxury of partying in cabanas, equipped with 32” flat panel television, service of a butler, security safes and safety curtains all around, but is left open, to be able to see and be visible.

4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach


W South Beach Hotel

Quite a few hotels at the South Beach are perfect, when considering or the structure, matching every wall to the luxury that this structure emanates. One such new hotel is W Hotel located at Collins Park. Beach front location is the main attraction to this modern place that has balconies to give great view of the sea, and also provide host of nightlife and dining options.

Interiors of rooms are spaciously designed for partying. With such hospitality offered by hotel staff, one can get anything at any time. A popular gourmet dining availability, nightclub that is celebrity-centric by name, wall, poolside bungalows of three stories aka the one seen in “Entourage” in the HBO series; make this place an attraction to all generations of South-Beach lovers.

2201 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach


Perry South Beach Hotel 

A scene lifted right from the reality series of Bravo TV named “Miami Social”, seems to transpire, when one enters the rooftop of Plunge Bar that has a remodeled Perry South Beach Hotel, spring back to its position in pop culture.

The series may have lost its sheen, but the hotel is among the very popular tourist destinations of South Beach. It is right above the ocean, with 340 spacious guest rooms, 86 suites that cover an average area of 700 square feet, features fine linens, modern amenities and spa showers. Perry South Beach has a hundred and ten foot rooftop-swimming pool that is atop 18th floor and gives a splendid view.

There is a second pool deck that seems nearer the sea and shows off a “Nikki-Style” club hosting sexy tents, sun beds, drink service and fire pits. The hotel lobby is proud to house the Louis Nightclub and Steakhouse STK gives the service of fine dining at a South Beach club, or a table or at the CoCo de Ville Bar that is just next door.

2377 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach



You should be sure of one thing before you enter the Delano Hotel – The guy who resembles George Clooney VERY much at the Rose Bar – is in fact George Clooney! So, you should take a chill pill and move on, as if nothing is out of ordinary here.

Hence it is called, the name-dropping and jaw-dropping paradise. It is situated in the center of South Beach Scene and can be called epicenter of the South Beach too. The lobby lounge is very dazzling and renowned in the city. It may come as a surprise, as the street has understated this hotel as the porte cochére, opens onto fantastic scenery of environment and leads into the terrace of Bainca Restaurant with the sexiest pool.

Traveling the unique space that is created to move nearer to the sea, one can observe the craftiness of Philippe Starck, who is called French Design Guru, in the hideaways that house objects from Man Ray, Antonio Gaudi, Ray Eames and Charles, Mark Newson and Salvador Dali.

FDR Lounge that is downstairs was a result of a partnership of popular Jeffrey Chodorow and Claude Troisgros, the star chef. This hotel has so much to offer, which makes it a hot choice.

1685 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach


Raleigh Hotel

Karl Lagerfeld got so smitten by the grandeur of the legendary swimming-pools that are created on palm-lined patios, located behind the Raleigh Hotel, that he used this as a setting for Chanel Resort Collection.

There is no other place to compete with the ambiance created by the combination of a tropical oasis, terrace bar and the pool deck that is seen in the morning, in this hotel. It was built for Esther Williams, the movie goddess.

One will feel like staying in the lounge seat forever, for the splendid view of the outdoor and the sea is so enchanting, one loses sense of time. ”Aqua Cabana Club”, was earlier known as the Sandy Oasis and is a perfect place to unwind during day time, becomes the romantic hideout as night falls and is the best place to be for a tourist, who wants the unfussy glamor and chic look that belongs to this place.

There is also an escape for grownups at the retro, where one can limit themselves to a single dry martini, or explore Lobby Bar or get involved in a ping pong death game, on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

1775 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach


The Victor Ocean Drive

One look at the Hotel Victor‘s elevated pool-deck, which is now called as Thompson Ocean Hotel, one may remember some video on MTV, with music, six-pack ab guys and hot girls around, setting the perfect scene of the Beach. French designer Jacques Garcia must have imagined the final product after the restoring the property of Art Deco.

This hotel lives up to expectations and rules of “the location” with a topless South Beach sand and located next to Versace Palazzo. It is a property that was once a boutique that housed 88 rooms, but the hotel takes pride in housing 6,000 sft, co-ed Turkish spa and steam bath, that includes pampering in its package.

Besides, the availability of private treatment place, lounge for couples and spacious rooms to socialize and unwind, it is no surprise that tagged the Hotel victor, as one among ”World’s Sexiest Resorts”. Just a glimpse of aquarium filled with jellyfish, can drive anyone to stay at this place for an extraordinary experience.

1144 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach


 The Standard Miami Hotel & Spa

Local people of the South Beach will have access to all the fun and enjoyment that you get once in a while, when on a vacation. They can easily get a seat next to Dwayne Wade at Prime 112, or be at Joe’s Stone Crab to score a prime-table, without getting delayed.

It is because they know the best location, bars, clubs, name of the bouncer and hence they maneuver through the glitz & glam of this place without much ado. It is necessary to know that, to be at the right hot spot such as a club, these locals have to PAY to be hanging at the Standard Hotel. Guests are restricted to just over 14, which is good to promote wellness that is available at the DIY spa and is fun to watch the crowd that surrounds the 24-hour pool near the waterfall hot-tub.

A sexy sauna style, raucous crowd at the bar tabs, drunken bingo games every week, may frighten a grandma. The atmosphere is infectious and frivolous with people found to be hip, toned, barefoot and tanned, to set a good atmosphere at the Standard spa, in stark contradiction to scenes with stiletto on the South-Beach.

40 Island Avenue
Miami Beach


Mondrian South Beach Hotel

Very important and new hotel to the West of South Beach, has its side of advantages to offer to the guests. It has unique beauty, clientele of well-heeled personalities and the luxury quotient is low key.

Impeccable service, design by Marcel Wanders that reminds one of “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and impressive surroundings, make this break away at the Mondrian very unique escape, at the South Beach. Although there is no beach, focus is laid on pool that is bow-shaped and faces Biscayne Bay that seems to touch the downtown-Miami skyline.

Cabanas that are typical arches are also offered for a pool party and it is greater fun, when the locals join in to have some time at the water’s edge in a yacht forgetting the blues of economic crisis.

Come sunset, the Sunset lounge in lobby dazzles with a twilight and mixture of people who are regulars and hipsters of the South Beach, who come out of nowhere and create quite a stir, before disappearing into the crowd again. To get into grove of the atmosphere of Wild West of this Beach, a week’s stay at Mondrian is required.

1100 West Avenue
Miami Beach


Z Ocean Hotel

Having good time at a modern cruise-ship with friends, by tanning, swimming and getting a massage in the warm sun out in Florida, sounds exciting and this is what Z Ocean Hotel glass bottom pool designers had in mind, when they designed the fray right above the ocean drive.

It is a venue to many splendid adult parties hosted on the South Beach, and has balconies that overlook the pool, to give a view of cabana suites and terraces for tanning. For all the love-sick couple, seeking romantic refuge, the Z Ocean Hotel is the perfect place to be, with dining, nightclub and secluded place, just a few steps away.

There is no[/dropcap] maddening crowd here, and the ambiance takes one into a trance, for the light reflecting from the skylight window in the pool, is very soothing after the breezy passageway. Few guest suites are offered access to terraces hosting private jacuzzi parties, and are equipped with wet bar, platform to dance, stereo systems for sound to rock the place and adding sheen to the atmosphere is Art Deco District’s neon lights.

1437 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach


Clevelander Hotel

People who are used to indulging in huge quantity of Rum Runners, in Spring break, will have experiences to recollect about the time spent at Clevelander Hotel. With Art Deco District welcoming the visitors on its shoreline, ”The Cleve” had prominent place in party of sun worshippers across borders, who love to hear music at pool bar, with special drinks in hand and an atmosphere that encourages shedding inhibitions.

Bar service opens directly to Ocean Drive, with a green space buzzing with activity at Lummus Park, the Clevelander, at the end of rainbow for people who love to go to sandy beaches. The beach setting with Swedish bikini wearers, sweaty skaters, Midwesteners who are sunburned and taking pictures to make their neighbors envy, when they return to their snowbound neighborhood.

No shoes, minimum or cover is what makes this patio a must watch place for people on a holiday to South Beach. After it was renovated for multi-million dollars, improvement in public spaces has resulted in a promise of privacy in guestrooms. Also, here is true that visitors need not carry ID cards and can enjoy parties like it was in 1999. Wishing you fun, at Party vacation!

1020 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, South Beach like no other.

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