My Stay at Eden Roc Resort Miami Beach

The majority of Miami Beach tourist has already set their hearts on the Eden Roc Hotel as its neighboring hotel, Fontainebleau was built in the 1950s era.

Since back then both hotels had become a hit with visitors that flock to Miami. Both hotels have shared their fair share of popular celebrities that have graced the hotels with their presents which includes the late Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Jayne Mansfield, and many others.

Most of them would just come to enjoy the night that is full of dazzle and very lustful or to enjoy the day lazing in the sun at the Collins Avenue strip. This well-known hotel was built in 1955 by a very farsighted and advanced architect, Morris Lapidus.

The hotel that is situated right in front of the ocean had just had a revamp of $200 million with an addition of a tower with 21 stories that hold 283 rooms the existing tower had gone through extensive remodeling and not to forget the four to ‘die for’, never-ending pools that have been bestowed with a beautiful waterfall.

The historical power of the Eden Roc Hotel has proved to be unbeatable compared to other modern hotels in South Beach. For instance, during the announcement of the hotel’s transformation, A-list celebrities such as Madonna, George Clooney, and even Steven Spielberg plus other celebrities and even royalties were all booked and confirmed guests for Eden Roc’s re-launching.

The Eden Roc hotel is now twice its original size ever since its extraordinary transformation, which now has a boasting new tower that consists of 82 marvelous suites and 15 exclusive phenomenal bi-level bungalow suites that have their own floating staircase with a breathtaking view of the ocean as well as the pool area.

Not forgetting to mention that the new rooms come with superb large bathrooms, posh king-size beds, high-speed internet access, iPod docking stations, a very large screen high definition TV, and a massive balcony that even has a hot tub of its own.

There’s another plus side of the Eden Roc hotel the designers were very nature-friendly as they had designed every window and sliding door using ‘turtle glass’. ‘Turtle glass’ ensures that it would render the bright lights of the hotel do not interfere with the sea turtles that would usually mate behind the Eden Roc hotel. It has already been announced that the Eden Roc Hotel will be adding a new night spot but currently, they are being ‘tight-lipped’ on the name of the club.

According to David Siguaw, Eden Roc’s Director of Sales and Marketing, the nightclub will definitely be very high-end, chic, prominent, and located underside of a glass-bottom pool.

The Eden Roc is positive that their new nightclub will be the main attraction due to its fantasy-like distinctiveness which will include ‘mermaids’ and also glass portals and with these unique features it’s a definite attraction for celebrities to flock to the new nightclub. What used to be a small spa at the Eden Roc had also been renovated and extended, making it one of the most sought-after areas of the hotel.

The Spa of Eden is decorated with stones and rocks throughout its space as well as varnished with bright and vibrant colors, which all point to one theme, which is “lava and snow”. There is a huge, calming fire pit in the waiting room, which had been renamed the relaxation lounge, where guests would be able to wait for their turns while enjoying relaxing treats.

Contrary to the name of the theme, “Lava and Snow”, there is nothing fiery or chilling at the Spa of Eden as most of the services at the spa are based on water therapy, such as relaxing whirlpool massages, hydrotherapy services, water-based steam, and sauna room as well as reflexology by water massage. The Spa of Eden also offers various classes such as Pilates, Tai Chi, as well as yoga, and they now boast a 24/7 gym and salon for the service of the guests.

There is also a newly built lagoon waterfall for guests to enjoy.

However, the Spa of Eden is not yet open to the public, therefore guests who still want to be pampered by the services of the spa could head to the temporary base of the Spa of Eden on the fourth floor, or even better, enlist for in-room call services.

Guests would be able to dine based on their personal preferences, either indoors or outdoors at Eden Roc’s Gia Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar which serves various mouth-watering dishes on its menu. The Gia Italian kitchen opens from breakfast to lunch up to dinner, and no matter what your drinking choice is, you would be able to enjoy their popular cappuccinos and wine. Besides the Gia Italian Kitchen, Eden Roc offers another eatery called the Gia Rotisserie which is marked by its beautiful French decorations which are elegant, yet classic.

The Gia Rotisserie offers plenty of European-inspired dishes which serve wonderful dishes such as Limoncello, cured salmon, horseradish mascarpone, eggplant caponata, olive aioli and so much more. For guests that enjoy more simple dishes, the Cabana Beach Club, formerly known as the Aquatica is the best choice to dine at the Eden Roc hotel due to its casual and simple dishes such as soup, sandwiches, salads and so much more steaks and seafood delights.

The Cabana Beach Club has a nice view of the sea. The Eden Roc is located at 4525 Collins Avenue, and it is the place to head north of Miami Beach if you want to experience the luxury. Interesting to stay in this fascinating property? Here you can find the hotel page.

Inside Miami Beach, is like no other.

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