Hotels to go Topless in Miami Beach

Hotels to go Topless in Miami Beach

There’s a reason Miami Beach has a diet named after it! Miami is known for the bronzed bodies strutting along its beaches. But even the tiniest of bathing suits is too restricting for some, so, after a lot of requests, we have thought to compile a list of the Top Hotels to go Topless in Miami Beach. Above all, the private beaches offer a day entrance even for people that are not resident in the hotel, therefore don’t worry about that and enjoy the beach!

We do not suggest to go in topless on Ocean Drive’s public beach because in some cases we have seen people to call the police. Instead, if you choose a private beach – inside a hotel –  you will have not issues or embarrassing situations and you can enjoy a topless sunbath. And that’s the reason we’ve decided to write a post on this matter after a lot of requests. If you are not interested in hotel accommodation, you can always go to Nikky Beach at the begin of Ocean Drive. So, are you ready? Let’s go! (In the picture above the actress – Rosie Jones in Miami)

Here the Top Hotels to go in Topless in Miami Beach 2019

Victor South BeachThe Standard MiamiDelano1 Hotel South Beach

Hotel Victor South Beach ★★★★

The Passage Bar radiates a sensual vibe, with teak tables along the perimeter overlooking the beach.

Average Price: $313/night
1144 Ocean Drive, South Beach

The Standard Miami ★★★★

Massages, Turkish Hamam with heated marble, and hydrotherapy spa with a fitness centre are on site.

Average Price: $290/night
40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach

Delano ★★★★★

It is perhaps the trendiest in South Beach. Every room and space in the Delano is a design masterpiece.

Average Price: $450/night
1685 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

1 Hotel South Beach ★★★★

Pools are so relaxing with great music!

Average Price: $700/night
2341 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

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